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Calorific intake vs exercise


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Hi Guys...

I cant seem to get anyone to answer this question straight so I thought i'd open it up in here for discussion.

I have just had a "test" at the gym which tells me body fat percentage/metabolism rate etc.

Apparently my body needs 1600 calories a day to maintain my weight as I am lightly active.

I am eating between 12-1300 a day obviously as I am losing weight.

My BIG question is this.....

If I am eating 1300 a day then I go to the gym (which i do 4 times a week) and burn roughly 500 calories, does that reduce my calorific intake to 7-800? or am I burning calories from my fat storage (which I still have plenty of lol)

I have tried to google this, ask the gym but so far nothing.....

Piink - you do an enormous amount of exercise, have you any ideas?


Julie x
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gunna be a fatty for ever
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I wonder this too!! i have no idea the answer so would be v inerested to know!!

Sorry im no help tho xxx


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Julie I've no idea either, although if I remember correctly cardiovascular exercise burns fat ( and you need to do 20 minutes of this before the fat burning starts).

*sits and waits on Piink to give us the answer ;)*


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bump bump bump how'ey pinks! waiting!
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i would have thought that if you used up 500 callories then you could add them to allowance?? so if you have an allowance of 1300 and you exercised and burnt up 500 you could eat an extra 500 and still loose weight am i making sense?? however to maximise the exercise i would eat a max of 50% of calories burnt in this example 250 but only if needed
however i am sure there is someone who will be able to confirm or rubbish this :) i am deff no expert when it comes to exercise lmao!!
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I have just read on a website that you should deduct the calories burnt from your daily intake. Therefore, if you are eating 1400 calories but burning 500 calories, then your daily intake is 900 calories.

If you are hungry, this is probably why and you need to take in more calories to make up for those burnt. However, if you are feeling really well and are looking to speed up your weight loss, then it is okay to carry on like this. Just be careful that you are not taking on too little, burning too much and putting yourself at risk.

Hope this helps

Rosie x

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