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I dont think so Nightwolf I think the idea is to have 5 smaller meals as opposed to big meals. They say that if you eat more reularly that it helps your metabolism.

Personally I would try it for a week and if you loose you know it works?
Yep it's best to spread it out during the day as keeps your metabolism working. 600 cals for a dinner is quite a lot when you look what you can have, my dinner don't often go near 600 anyway, so 900 wouldn't be needed. Just have a look for the low fat low cal options in the supermarket, either making the meals yourself or the ready meals. You'll be surprised how much you can have. Like tonight I'm going to make a meal for the family of grilled pork chops with boiled potatoes and veg. Mine won't be over 370 cals.
But if your having the same amount daily, then I would of thought if the person found it easier then it's acceptable? this is what I did before on SF and it worked, but I didnt snack, this time I intend to snack on fruit.

But having a bigger meal in evening would suit me better. I might just try it anyways and see if I have losses.
Yes try it and see if it suits you. We are all different and different things suit us, it's finding the plan that suits you and that you have good results on that's important. Slimfast is quite flexible to being tweeked around, so go for it and let us know how you get on.
Thanks, also whats the situation with fruit, can we eat as much fruit as we want daily? and does anyone know how many calories are in an egg lol. Also if its fried, how many calories would it be in fry lite?
Fry light is 1 kcal per spray.
Small egg is 54kcals. Medium egg is 80 kcals.

If your unsure of the calories for anything just google it! Thats what I do.
I always count my fruit on this plan. Some other diet have fruit as free foods, but slimfast it's counted. I always try to have fruit for a least one of my snacks.

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