Cambridge 790


Hi all

Is anybody doing this one??

I am SS at the mo, but have to say i'm so miserable doing it!

I'm not hungry & haven't cheated yet but i just hate it. I know its the best & quickest way to lose weight but surely you must still lose a bit on the 790 as its still very low in calories!?!

A very unhappy Lorraine xx
Hi Lorraine

How long have you been ss ing??

Julie xx
I have several customers using the 790 programme and losing on average 1 stone per month which is very much in line with weightloss on the SS programme.

It may be worth having a chat to your CDC about this.

Me - I'm doing it - I have lost about ten pounds in my first ten days - I can't obviously speak for whether weight loss is slower further down the line
I find being able to have a meal of veg and stuff very helpful as a motivator
After just over 7 months of SS I changed to 790 on the advice of my CDC. The first 3 weeks I was on holiday but I lost 4lbs. Last week I lost 3lbs. Don't know if it will continue, but seems fine so far, and I don't mond if the weight loss slows down. Hope this helps.