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cambridge and diet coke

Sorry Jax but diet coke or any flavoured drinks are not allowed while on the Cambridge Diet.

Your counsellor will do three flavourings that you can use which are Summer Berry, Sunshine Orange and a hot Vegetable drink.

No calories free drinks are now allowed on the diet under the latest guidance.

Nope, current official guidance is no zero drinks.




Loving the Cambridge Diet
Try fizzy water instead - or fizzy water with the CD water flavouring added - only allowed 1tspn of that per day in 1L of water but I add my tspn to 2L as it is strong

Absolutely, I always found the Cambridge flavourings very strong so found a teaspoon can go a really really long way.

Also of course you can have black leaf based tea and coffee, I loved green tea on the diet and 2 years on I still drink black coffee !



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Thanks guys especially mike, although i would have preffered it if you has said yes lol lol
i hated black tea and coffee before i started.. but now i love it.. and green tea too.. theres also peppermint etc.. the water flavourings are luuuush..! but strong like Mike and STBG said.. I dont even use that much.. I literally add a teenie tiny few grains.. but im awkward.. lol..
x x x x

I'm not trying to be cynical but why is coke zero now not allowed, lots of people have been loosing weight whilst drinking the odd can or two.

Now it's been taken off the OK list. That just leaves us with the cambridge flavourings to have as a change to good old water.

I think my £50 per week is fair for the packs and bars, but now we have to purchase the flavourings as well if we want a change from water as a cold drink.

I'm thankfull for the diet (2 stone in 6 weeks and just 2 stone more to go) but an explanation why would be better than just leaving coke zero off the allowed list.

You of course do not have to buy the flavourings we survived for over 20 years on just plain water,black tea and coffee. The CD flavourings work out at 20p per litre so are much cheaper than Zero drinks.

It is the flavourings and cals in these drinks that can cause problems, they are not zero calorie as stated.

Yes people have lost weight using Coke Zero, question is would they have lost more with less hunger if they hadn't used the product.

I have many cases where this has been proven and across the country again counsellors find the people using zero drinks have more problems with hunger, slower weightloss than those who do not drink them. Same applies I'm afraid to flavoured coffees which is why is says in the book nothing should be added to coffee just plain black.

Zero was introduced a couple of years ago but it has been proven can and does make it harder for quite a number of people.

I agree with Linda on this, I have seen people lose less while having these drinks and when I have explained and they have stopped then they suddenly lose more.

Experience therefore says the best thing is good old plain water!!



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I bought loads of bottles of coke zero as it was on the list! I checked the other Zero drinks and they have citric acid in ( fanta and Tango). I have only been having 1 coke a day as they taste very like original coke- whereasi much prefer Diet coke!
I have been having bullion ( reduced fat) and Bovril. Is this wrong?
Feel particularly fat today !!


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S: 24st4lb C: 11st11lb G: 11st3lb BMI: 23.7 Loss: 12st7lb(51.47%)
Won't it stop me getting cramp in my feet though?
Bovril is also a no no! If you getting cramp in your feet and this is a problem then you need to pop and see your GP to get his/her advice over how you can deal with that as you lose weight.

Ok Guys - I'm was wrong.

No more coke zero for me, the last 6 pack can go in the garage !

I'll get the orange flavoiuring I think, can you have it with sparking mineral water, - can you even soda stream it ???

The only other thing I drink is black coffee made via a SENSEO coffee pods, they are just coffee - the presure of the water gives them a kind of creamy layer.

Are these OK ??


Yep they are absolutely fine, the crema on the top of a nice 15 bar coffee is perfectly fine ;-)

My coffee machine has busted so I am gutted as I love my brew!!

And yes you can have the orange with fizzy water, some people say fizzy makes them feel bloated but see how you get on. Certainly fizz is calorie free :)

Thanks IceMoose,

A good coffee and a peanut bar - (followed by a large glass of water), keeps me sane !!

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