cambridge weight plan

  1. H

    Step 1 Sole Source Cambridge and emotional wellbeing

    Hi everyone, I’m new here & still trying to work out how everything works! I have been doing Cambridge diet for nearly two weeks and lost 10lb (which is great)! Im actually finding the actual dieting side of things ok & happy with the results. My issue is that I’ve realised without eating, I...
  2. W


    Help... So iv been on SS for over a week now and lost 9lbs. Iv just started my period and pretty down and starving and I hate a packet of crisps and a biscuit and now I am so angry at myself. Will I put weight back on because of this?
  3. J

    Cambridge plan back for round 2

    Hey guys Let me start with a little introduction My names jo I’m 28 I have an amazing family I work hard I’m 5ft 1 I started Cambridge back in April last year as I was getting married in October. My start weight was 12st 1. In July I reached 9st 9. My target was 8st 7 but in July I just kept...
  4. J

    Cambridge weight plan diary

    Hey I’m jo I’m on the Cambridge weight plan sole source 1A and I’m only having x3 shakes a day. I’m on day 10. I have about 37 lbs to lose to target. My start weight was 12 stone 1. My current weight is 11 stone 9. I have my next weigh in on Tuesday at 1:30. I done so well in the first week but...
  5. KhaleesiMotherofDragons

    Step2 810kcal Diary

    Hi all, I just wanted to keep a diary and maybe find some others doing the same step at the same time. Im on step 2 i have 3 products and a 200kcal meal i have tried SS but prefer this one, i know alot of people prefer SS. Today was my 2 week weigh in with my consultant ive lost 15lbs in the...
  6. Findlittleme

    Step2 810kcal Journey back to the old me

    Hi! I am doing the CD, step 2 and I am on day 6. In terms of background info, I was always naturally slim but curvy (pear shape) and didn't really work hard on my weight. I did used to think I was too big back then, but now I realise I just had a different shape to the people around me...
  7. Findlittleme

    Step2 810kcal CD - Feeling worried

    Hi all! Hope you're well. I'm new to minimins but I have been reading lots of the posts over the last few days. I am just finishing day 5 of the Cambridge diet and I am doing Step 2. I'm just feeling a little worried because I thought I would at least be feeling a little positive difference...
  8. C

    Why are bars not allowed until Week 3 on SS?

    Hiya everyone. I was just wondering, why bars are not allowed until you've done two weeks on SS products? Also, if a small cheat :/ was had on day 13, would that mean I'd have to do two more 'solid, 100%' weeks on SS before I was allowed the bars? Thanks in advance! :-)
  9. Lotty94

    Step 1 Sole Source Day 17

    This is my third week on the CWP, I lost 11 pounds in the first two weeks which I was really happy about. Since the first week it has been alot easier my cravings and hunger has decreased alot and I really enjoy the shakes and some of the soups, I weighed myself today and saw that I've put a...
  10. Lotty94

    Day 6 CWP step 1

    Hey everyone, today has been day 6 of the cambridge weight plan today's gone really well. The hunger I had the first few days has gone completely i feel more energised and alot more excited about the next few months because I feel I can do this ! This morning I was abit doubtful but as the...
  11. Lotty94

    Cambridge weight plan day 6

    Hi everyone... Today is day 6 on the cambridge weight plan, it's going okay I havnt cheated but thinking ahead I'm gonna struggle to do this for the next how ever long. I'm going away in a couple of weeks for a couple days with some family and I am going to find it so hard not to cheat while my...
  12. SummerChic

    Step 1 Sole Source CWP journey to Xmas Target 2017

    Hi I'm new to this and just making sure I'm doing the posts right first so here's hoping it goes up
  13. deflating

    Any May 2017 starters on CWP?

    Hi I started CWP on 25th May. Im just adament to lose it all this time. Have been on Lipotrim and lost over 15 kg but put all back on instantly. Im hoping with CWP being a 1 to 1 setup, my consultant will be there to coach me on maintenance as well. Im fed up and frankly I think its so dangerous...
  14. KatBot

    Hi...... newbie looking for friends

    Hi I'm a newbie and I'm currently on Day 5 of the Cambridge diet. I've been completely fine until today - I had a little headache and I've got a talking/gurgling stomach. Apart from my partner nobody knows I'm doing this so I don't have anyone to talk to really ☹️. My motivations still...
  15. K

    Kammies 2017 weight loss diary

    Hi All, Am using this as a daily diary to what i hope will keep me on track. Having allowed myself to gain loads in the last 3 years and having tried a few different things in the last year to no avail. I'm starting this plan. Errr started last Tuesday with a starting weight of 15st 4lbs.. I'm...
  16. J

    Step 1 Sole Source JANNE'S DIARY

    Dear all, Firstly, I would like to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR. My name is Janne, 27 years old, residing in Singapore. On 1 December 2016, I started on Cambridge Weight Plan (Step 3). Within two weeks, I have lost about seven kilograms, which is an achievement. Step 3...
  17. J

    Step 1 Sole Source Cambridge Weight Plan

    Dear all, This is Janne, 27, from Singapore. I started Cambridge Weight Plan (Step 3) on 1 December 2016 and started on Cambridge Weight Plan (Step 1 - Sole Source) on 24 December 2016. During Step 3, I have lost 7 to 8 kilograms, which is an achievement. I am looking forward to lose more...
  18. Cherry Lawman

    Cambridge Diet Christmas Challenge

    hi would anyone like to do a Christmas challenge starting from this weeks weigh in to December 19th ? I hope someone will join me seems kind a quiet on here. I started CWP today though have been on another vlcd lost 4 stone My goal is to be by Dec 19th 21 lbs lighter So from Monday 3rd Oct...
  19. F

    Any newbies starting out?

    Hi I've done my first week on the Cambridge weight plan and wanted to get a new thread going. Has anyone just started or anyone still going strong that wants to share. My official weigh in is on Thursday but I think I have lost around 11lbs in the first week. Pretty pleased with that!
  20. Mini

    Step 1 Sole Source Australia Discovers Cambridge Weight Plan!

    Looks like from this article on the link below, that it is only now that Australia has discovered the Cambridge Weight Plan... Not sure if this article is being...
  21. R

    Cambridge step 2

    Hi all, I've started Cambridge step 2 on Wednesday to see if I can achieve results I want to lose 3st 8 lbs. I've previously done SS+ but given up once noticeable results were there, partly because of boredom the flavours became repetitive I only had shakes and bars. Since starting I'm worried...
  22. Emmie85

    Step 1 Sole Source Starting CWP SS

    OMG I feel like I need all the support I can get. Desperate to lose weight as I won't know until I am weighed but I know I am around 20 stone, size 20-22 and 3 years ago I was a size 14-16. Reason I chose to go with CWP is I have a slipped disc and find it difficult to exercise without pain...
  23. kasexxx

    Cambridge Diet

    Hi All, I am currently doing step 1 SS!! I started on 29th Jan 2016, I was doing great and was 10lbs down last time I checked. However, I didn't manage to go and get more products from my consultant on Friday as my grandad passed away and I had to go to Ireland to see family and go to the...
  24. Mini

    Hi! A Big Welcome to Old and New Members for 2016!

    Is this YOUR year? Is this the year that you will lose weight? This is a great time of year to start a new diet or to get back on the wagon to lose the pounds and with the support, encouragement and help from our wonderful members we can achieve our weight-loss goals in 2016! We would really...