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Weight watchers -50 for my 50th


I’ve been in most plans to lose weight and successfully but I yoyo. I have done WW many times but it’s changes every year so I thought I’d drop the very low calorie meal replacements and get a lifestyle going.
Every year I lose 40-70 lbs and regain it it’s got me feeling depressed that I can’t keep the weight off.
I now lose weight so slowly and I’m not sure how to switch that about.
So I’m 50 on 1 October 2019 exactly 13 months today and I’d lie to lose 50 lbs by 50 I have about 60-70 lbs to lose but my lowest weight in 20 years will be 50 by 50.

Since 1992 I’ve been 122 lbs up to 244 lbs and all in between and loads of times and I have obsessed with the scales.

I started WW flex 13 th August 2018 at 216.2 lbs
WK 1 - 5lbs
Wk 2 - 5 lbs
Now the scale have gone up 2 lbs since Monday = 5 days ago and I’m worried it’s as I yoyoed
I have a Mirena coil and have no bleeding but I get the boob pain stomach ache mood changes and it’s around now so I hope it’s totm water retention if not I don’t what to do.
I’m only eating daily’s doing 10,000-12,000 steps a day 3 weeks ago The was 2000 a day so increased walking.

I have a Mirena coil to stop hemorghing as I lost twins in pregnancy 3 years ago one at 2 months one at 5 months pregnant to sepsis and hemorghing caused by removal of Mirena 🤔

So I’m hoping thisbgain is water as today I feel sad last 3 days my scales have gone up I do weigh daily as I always have I know it doesn’t help me mentally so I may have to do my weigh in Monday and then weekly weigh as I’m at home WW as no groups near me.

If you read all this Thankyou and please leave a comment :) x
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Welcome lostit:classic_smile:

Well done on losing 10lbs in two weeks!:0clapper:

Your steps are impressive:woohoo:

The best way to see what might be the cause of your fluctuating weight is to keep a food diary to see is there is anything that might be different from the first two weeks...if you have been pretty low carb in the first two weeks and then introduce more carbs by eating more fruit, potatoes etc., it would cause the increase in weight on the scales...as well, extra fibre in the diet can cause constipation if you don’t drink enough water which can show up on the scales.

I have often seen members who have increased their exercise or over did it in the gym experience an increase in weight which was just temporary as their body adjusts to the new exercise.

As you say, it might well be just water retention due to TOTM.:classic_smile:

I’m very sorry for your loss, my heart breaks for you(((Hugs)))


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Hi Lostit. So sorry to read about loosing yr twins. Tough for you, yr body and yr mind.

50 by 50 is a great goal. You & I have the same issue - how to stay at the lower weight. I have decided that I will have to stay as active on here as I am when shedding - to stay there. So I'm with you. I have the big 6-0 in April. These big birthdays are good times to focus and change our lives.

Doing it lifestyle is great. I have introduced a big salad each lunchtime. I take more time - having variations on chopped salads each day. I'm also eating more veg in the evenings. All low/lower carb ones.I have found an interesting website - the meal plans are also counted for WW points - I haven't checked out how they fit with WW flex.

Daily weighing: I do this. And I vary by up to 4lbs up. It's water retention, hormones (even post menopausally, this happens, so I am told), gut contents, urine, glycogen (if you've had more carbs) and others. So you have to get a grip, accept it, and keep on track so you tick down again.

Write everything down - and where WW requires it, measure and weigh yr food. Share yr days here.

Good luck.