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  1. nataliej

    nataliej Silver Member

    Slimming world
    Does anyone no what bar is the lowest in calories/carbs....worried about starting them as don't want to leave ketosis. Is there any nutritional information on them anywhere so I can look?
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  3. beckyk

    beckyk Member

    I think the lemon bars are lower carbs, so everyone says. You can have more than 1 of the lemon bars per day too because of this. If you google the nutritional value of the bars I think it is listed by 'my fitness pal'
    Hope this helps :)
  4. nataliej

    nataliej Silver Member

    Slimming world
    Aww yes it does thank you! Do you find it makes a difference to your weight loss anyway? I'm currently on lipo trim, will be starting Cambridge in a few days as I'm so bored ha
  5. beckyk

    beckyk Member

    No it's made no difference at all, it's so nice to have something to chew and not have to mix. Never tried lipotrim, how are you getting on with it? Have you started Cambridge yet?
  6. nataliej

    nataliej Silver Member

    Slimming world
    I used to rave about lipotrim but that was until I saw the variety cambridge offers....I don't understand why lipo haven't done similar things....your not allowed the powder to flavour your water on lipo and only 3 shakes to choose from or a peanut or coconut dry chewy thing they call a flap jack ha!....shakes are nice though but am a little bored and got fed up of the pharmacey really, the lady is never there and the price has gone up to 46 a week. So I thought I'd try this instead, less hassle and more enjoyable it seems!... I've lost 1st 7lb so far I'm on week 6! Still want to loose another 3 stone and I'll be happy long have you been doing Cambridge?
  7. beckyk

    beckyk Member

    Well done! It's fab how quickly you can see results with Cambridge. Like you say there is a lot of variety. Lemon bars are my new saviour, don't mind shakes and soups etc but it feels like a treat. I only have one a day though, trying to teach myself restraint towards food in some strange way. It's nice to eat something that doesn't taste like a 'diet product' :) I did cambridge a couple of years ago and lost 2.5 stone but I didn't change my habits and I love wine and curry too much. Hence getting a fatty again and undoing all the good work. Not missing junk foods though to be honest. How about you? I have up smoking last year so this is my year to get slim :) have you got any holidays booked? I'm hoping to book one for June as will be at target by then. I too have another 3st to lose. It seems daunting doesn't it but it's only 10-12 weeks away :)
  8. Big Mick

    Big Mick Full Member

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    Cambridge diet
    They defiantly slow the weight loss down.

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