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Cambridge diet and medication


25 year old female, about 5'5" and 16st 5lbs

Medication:- Hydrocortisone steroids, Growth Hormone Injections, Cabergoline and Thyroxine

Past medical History: - Tumour on pituitary gland when 16 (non malignant)...removed by surgery and undergone radiotherapy. Have yearly check up with consultant.

Im going up and up and up in weight, cant control myself when im around food. I see it i eat it! tried numerous diets, loose about 8/9lbs get to a plato and then thats it, i fall off the wagon!! totally fed up counting calories!! Think the Cambridge diet is what i need!! this way i drink the shakes eat the soup and get away from convienence foods for four weeks at a time, before gradually starting to re-introduce healthy foods to maintain my hopeful weight loss, and learn to eat healthy again. Whilst being able to go and talk to someone about my weight problem at the same time.

Do you think i'll be able to do the cambridge diet with the medication im on? and any advice about going to speak to my doctor about starting on it??

:break_diet: My increasing size is really getting me down :cry:
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Welcome to Minimins :) I'm sorry but I don't have the knowledge to advise you, but I am sure plenty people here do & will!

If you do go ahead with Cambridge you've come to the right place for lots of support and help.

Good luck with whatever you decide once you have had an answer to your questions!
hey hun, and welcome to minis!
You'll need to talk to a CDC and GP about CD with medication - and hopefully they'll give you the go ahead!
Find a good CDC either via the cambridge diet homepage, or by giving them a ring. They can prob give you a lot of info about medication too.

Good luck honey, let us know how you get on!

Leah xxx


Loving the Cambridge Diet
You should have no problems getting your GP to sign your Cambridge Medical Form.

Do go and have a chat with your GP.

I take a mountain of medication for RA and had no problems with my GP or with my CD diet.

Hope all goes well for you - Cambridge is a wonderful journey
Off topic sorry - STBG, nearly half way!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!

I'm not a doctor, so can't advise on medical stuff, but I have been on steroids before and my dear Daddy is on them at the moment.

I know from experience that being on steriods can make you constantly ravenous, far more so than anyone else will have experienced, hence the increasing weight. This extreme level of hunger might make the job more difficult for you. I don't know if the hunger pangs will go away once you are in ketosis like it does with the rest of us. If it does, than fantastic - you're all set! But if it doesn't, you'll need willpower of hardened steel to get through it!

I certainly couldn't stay on this diet being hungry 24/7. The thought of the ketosis fairy is the only thing that gets me through the first 3 days!!! I think that, either way, if you get on this diet, and stay on this diet, we will all be behind you, backing you. And, I for one, will be totally in awe of you.

Talk to the Dr and find out if you CAN try the diet and then give it a try and see what happens. It's worth a try hun.



Loving the Cambridge Diet
No the hunger will go due to the ketosis - CD really helps people whom are on steroids

To cut the hunger when taking steroids and eating a normal diet it is recommended to cut back on the carbs.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
You would have to get your Medical form signed by your GP because of the medication you are on.

If he is ok with you doing the diet...then you will be able to SS. BUT if you do not get MRF signed then you would only be able to do the 1200 or 1500 plans. You will still lose weight on these but a tad slower.
No the hunger will go due to the ketosis - CD really helps people whom are on steroids

To cut the hunger when taking steroids and eating a normal diet it is recommended to cut back on the carbs.
Thanks for the advice STBG - I'll tell my Dad that. He's really suffering at the moment because he's on 60mg of steroids and is PERMANENTLY hungry!

I've already got him on 10 calorie soups to take away the hunger pangs between meals, so if I can persuade him to cut down on his carbs it should really help him.

best thing is to speak with your gp , steroids such as prednisolone/ hydrocortisone can make you gain weigh and also alter your sugars . some people end up taking diabetic drugs such as metformin as the blood sugars can rise due to steroids . so safest thing chat with gp and make sure you are ok to go ahead with diet.
I can only say that, hopefully, the thyroxine shouldn't be a problem. I take thyroxine and tertroxine (T4 & T3) having put on loads of weight when my thyroid gave up the ghost.

No idea about the other medication though or the combination of medicines which could be important.

As others have said, you really need to talk to your GP. You may be surprised at how supportive he/she will be to see you taking responsibility for your own health.

Good luck. We will be here for you when you get the OK from the doc. It is the way to go!!!!!!
Got my doctors appointment on wednesday morning!! fingers crossed the doctor signs my form!! im going with the attitude that i need the doctors signature to confirm the medication im on and to confirm that i am currently healthy to comence on the cambridge diet! NOT her opinion on this type of diet!!....why do i keep thinking shes going to refuse to sign it and make me try yet again another healthy eating food counting diet that ive tried a million times without success!!!
if she does refuse it it is only cos she wont get aid for sticking her monica on a piece of paper. having said that most gps are encouraging to people who want to loose weight . best way to do it though as long as you know you are safe and notcausing any harm to yourself .... hope fully we wil see you ss in a few days


please try again
just to say i saw my doc today and asked her to write a letter for my cdc and although she definatly wont get money for that she did it cos shes now happy im losing weight with cd
when i got my forms signed ( by a different doc ) he spent 30 minutes reading th litrature which made me nervous but he just wanted to get up to speed and make sure i wasnt containdicated or that he needed to ajust my meds.
so dont be alarmed if they dont sign it immediatly, they may just want to check a couple of things first
good luck


Nearing the end of day two on cambridge!!​

So far so good!​

Hoping to reach ketosis soon!!​


Can't wait to move my ticker marker down the scale!!!





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