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Cambridge Diet and weddings?

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Hi everyone,

We've been invited to a wedding in late April - full day.

What would you do? I'm currently on SS and doing really well but have had the odd (planned and unplanned) off day/few days.

By late April, I should hopefully be thinking about going up to SS+ as I'll hopefully be around BMI 25 + 1 stone but obviously have no control over what I can have to eat at the wedding. I am also very mindful of the fact that the meal will have cost the bride/groom a fortune and I just can't not eat it nor can I sit there with a bar and have to explain myself to lots of strangers - I just can't.

So I guess I know the answer, I'll have to have a porridge for breakfast, a bar for lunch, my meal - leaving carbs to the side for possible and maybe giving most of my dessert to OH, and not having any buffet in the evening. However, I guess weddings are one of those times where we can't make sensible food choices if having a planned day off, so I'm really interested in finding out what you did if you've been faced with a similar situation?


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I had exactly the same thing on Friday. I was one of only 30 at the meal for a friends wedding and knew it had cost around £50 per head for the meal. I had a bar for breakfast and then had a tetra pack just before sitting down for the meal. Then I had the meal and just stayed away from the carbs. At the evening I had another pack and danced the night away :)

But my failing was the next day, I just thought ah well, just a bit more to eat won't hurt and lost it for another 3 days - I didn't even think of this beforehand so be warned about that :)

My main thought was that this was a special ocassion and if it meant me taking an extra week to get to goal but I had created memories with my friend then that was worth it!!

Sorry for the waffle :)
S: 17st1lb C: 12st9lb G: 8st13lb Loss: 4st6lb(25.94%)
Thanks ncassidy (am glad you're back btw - good luck on getting into the football team!).

I have a plan of action, but it is difficult to get on track when you've had time off, planned or unplanned I find - hopefully I can put mind over matter! Thanks again



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Well... :)

The thing is, you can plan to stick to your plan. Which sounds like a really good plan, by the way. :)

Because you know what food and drink is likely to be available, don't you? Just because you won't be doing Cambridge that day doesn't mean you can't view the day just as you would if you were simply having 3 Cambridge products.

It's all about getting your head in the place where you don't feel as though you're cheating. So... If you plan to eat the dinner (say, minus any carbs served), plus maybe a glass of champagne - that's what you do. Treat it as though the dinner plus the champagne is your third shake - and decide, ahead of time, that you won't be having anything else.

You could even decide that you're going to eat the whole dinner, dessert and all - but that's it. No stopping off on the way home for a kebab, LOL. It's all about control - and you are in control of what goes into your mouth.

One meal will not ruin all your efforts, promise. It might cause a tiny blip at the scales, but that blip will disappear within a day or so provided you get straight back to the Cambridge plan.


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I went to a wedding when I was on Lipotrim and followed the plan as normal. It made quite a conversation topic over the dinner table espesh when I went out to the car park to make my shake!


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I am going to a Civil Partnership at the weekend - I am planning on having my shakes as normal and then just eating the meat and veggies - I am not too worried as I am on ss+/810 so I am used to have a small meal every day. I don't think that the hosts will be worried about what I do or don't eat on my plate, they have far more important things to think about!


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this isn't what you want to hear - but I did it - sat and ate a chopped up bar - and sat next to the guest of honour - and everyone was totally supportive (I was a month in and had lost 2 stone and didn't want to lose my focus)no horrible comments - and other than the people in my immediate area no one noticed.

You will me much closer to goal than I was so choosing what you eat a - ie white meat, green veggies, is a lot more feasible, but for me I just didn't dare break it even for 1 night...and I'm so glad I didn't.!


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Just a little hint that might help you if you have the meal. I do this when eating a meal is totally unavoidable.

As soon as your plate is put in front of you immediately section off the food into the part you will eat and the part you won't. Then put masses of salt or pepper on the section you're not to eat. That way you won't be tempted to carry on eating once you've finished your first portion. OR immediately give away the section you're not going to eat, then it won't sit on your plate calling to you.

I do this on the odd occasion I have an off plan meal. It really helps me because I get stressed by leaving food lol. Then if anyone says anything (which they probably won't) you can just say you're not really all that hungry....which you won't be cos you'll have gad a sneaky CD before the meal.

Good luck Hun xx
S: 17st1lb C: 12st9lb G: 8st13lb Loss: 4st6lb(25.94%)
Thanks so much everyone, all brilliant advice - I will let you all know how I get on!


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