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Cambridge diet cost


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Hi lisa,

Welcome to the forum! :) it depends on exactly what you buy, shakes, bars or tetra's water flavourings ect, councellors can charge different amounts too, so you would need to find you local councellor and find out, on average i soend £40 a week if that helps.

Remember your not buying food or drinks ect x

Hope this helps


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Hi - It is around £35-45 roughly depending on how many packs you have per day and what type of packs you buy (bars, shakes, tetras).

Also, each CDC set their own charges so it might vary from CDC to CDC. My CDC charges a flat fee of £1.80 per pack regardless of what I buy.



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I am paying 39.20 a week and im having 21 shakes and 7 bars...My CDC charges 1.80 for shakes and soups and porridges and 2.00 for bars and tetras!
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Hello, my CDC just charges me £48 for any 28 items (being a bloke means I'm allowed more :D), doesnt matter if I take bars, soups, shakes or the tetra packs.

The water flavour and the mousse stuff costs extra though


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It can seem expensive (I pay around £35 to £40 a week depending) but remember the only things you'll buy in shops when out and about is bottled water and the occasional black coffee, and of course no (or extremely limited) supermarket shopping bill!


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My CDC charges £34.65, regardless of whether it's bars, shakes, soup or porridge.


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My CDC charges £1.65 for soups and shakes and £1.90 for bars and tetras. Can't remember how much she charges for the porridge. I bought the water flavoring last Monday and I must say that it really helps the water go down quicker :)

Every week is different as I try to vary the stuff I have in the week so not to make the food boring. On average I spend about £45-£50. This includes stuff like sparkling water (saved for the weekend, as a treat!)

Good luck in what you decide to do. x

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