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Cambridge Diet Diary - started 01/11/13


It feels strange to be back here but I have come to this point due to desperation and determination.

I first encountered the Cambridge diet (as it was then!) 10 years ago. I was a normal sized child and teenager (of course I didn't think so) - after losing my mum at the age of 17 I gained some weight, and was 10 and a half stone when I went away to university.

Three years later I was 14 and a half :eek: and after seeing some photographs and wanting to train as a teacher and didn't want kids laughing at me, I lost 4 and a half stone on Cambridge.

In the next ten years there were fluctuations but I never went near that 14 and a half again - 12 and a half was my absolute maximum and I rarely strayed into the 12s. It wasn't always easy though - I like food :eek:

But over the latter part of 2012 and 2013 I have let my weight get out of control, completely and I'm 14 stone 3lbs now. So still not QUITE 14 and a half but close!

Cambridge journey started November 1 - 100% so far but about to start the dreaded day 3 :rolleyes: so have started a diary to remind myself I need to do this to turn my life around, be the person I want to be, starting with how I want to look.

Target weight is 10 stone 3 :)
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Today was HARD as my dad and brother came up and we went to a pub for lunch. I didn't have anything but my brother had this yummy looking burger drenched in cheese, barbecue sauce and onion rings, I love onion rings! :cry:I resisted though and it's been OK. Had a vanilla shake and about to have a mushroom soup :) By February I should be at target and yummy big burgers and fries will still be there then (as an OCCASIONAL treat!)
Hi diary!

Day 3 is done and 100 % so bring on day 4.

Had a porridge so far today (I tend to have mine later.) I think ketosis has started - porridge tasted DELICIOUS! Yum, gimme more! I'll have a shake (strawberry, I think) and a soup later on.

Looking forward to getting the first week under my belt but so proud already of what I've achieved (3 days, yeah, I know!)
Day 4 was fine. Just had my final soup of day 5. :) Tomorrow 5 full days - nearly a week!
hey there
well done on staying strong and welcome back to the cambridge train, xmas dresses will soon be required and its great when its something to look forward to

hoping the goes well for you
Thanks, skydragon :D

Well, I am "in the zone" now, as they say. I'd forgotten how GREAT you can feel, not only in ketosis but when you don't feel hungry, food and the eating of it doesn't govern your life. I think it's largely because I live alone but I SAVE loads of money on this diet as I obviously don't have to do a food shop, no takeaways, no snacks, no late night runs to the 24 hour supermarket ...

At any rate, I have had a porridge today and it tasted nice! Lemon bar soon. Day 6 almost over!
Ahh super! Glad you feel great! Do you guys find exercising doesn't make you as hungry once you're in ketosis? I really want to get to the gym but I can't imagine being able to get through it without wanting to eat 100 burgers the way I feel today! (Just done day 2) xx
Gym - pah! :D Seriously, I'm not very fit at all, I used to be fairly active but really let everything slide at the tail end of 2012 and 2013.

But I do think that on less than 450 calories a day exercise will make little difference!

Day 7 - woohoo. Can't believe I've done a full week. Feel very proud :)
- 4lbs :)

I think to be honest it would have been more except I've been horribly constipated. Last had a poo on Sunday morning (sorry!) Anyway, typically, after being weighed I suddenly needed a poo! I was in agony - couldn't even sit comfortably in the car. Fortunately my Cambridge consultant lives near a big Morrisons. Oh gosh - walking to the loo was painful and then I did the most huge, hard, PAINFUL poo I have ever done in my life before! I cried out in pain as it emerged! Then, it blocked the toilet in Morrisons (Lichfield) - MORTIFIED. So if you live in Lichfield and couldn't use the loo in Morrisons, I'm so sorry!

Anyway, I think that poo probably weighed about half a stone ;) seriously, I think it would account for a pound or two. I've got a fibre supplement to avoid this happening again, I think I wasn't drinking enough water to be honest so I need to be vigilant about this. I am not going through that again!

So it wasn't as much as I hoped but I can't of course control that, all I can do is stick to the diet. Day 8 :) going well. Also, I've moved from the 14s (which I was mortified at) to the 13s. I think I'll be happier in the 12s but for now at least 14 stone is no longer on the scales! Thank you for the support ladies, will keep updating you! Xx
Oh puzzles, I'm so sorry you were in pain but BOY did that post make me laugh!

Hope the fibre supplement works out for you - I have Dulcolax but am thinking fibre might be a less violent solution!

Kudos on the loss :) xx
Haha, it is one of the unfortunate side effects of the diet, at least if you're silly like me and don't drink enough. I'm chugging water down now!

day 9 begins! This could be hard - I've no intention of coming off the diet but weekends can be tricky on this diet, I feel it more somehow. In the week I'm in my own little bubble but at weekends I find myself thinking of food more. Last weekend was fine as I was busy but while I've got some stuff planned for today I don't have anything for tomorrow so I'll have to have a think and see what I can do!

i need some new winter boots so I'm going to have a look round the shops later. I like shoes - no awkward "omg is that me!" moments in changing rooms. I am looking forward so much to just going into Next or Topshop or Dorothy Perkins, just picking up a normal size 10 or 12 and buying it. At the moment I can barely get into a 16, for trousers at any rate.
I can't wait to be able to buy boots from normal shops without knowing my legs will be too fat for them to zip up! Lol.

Just having my first shake of the day - mango, blended with 12 ice cubes. It's pretty ok. I'm the same as you - weekends are my downfall whatever diet I'm on. Determined to get through though, we can do it!
How did you do, meneske?

I'm fine - well, 100 % at any rate. For the first time since starting the diet though I have felt a little unhappy. I feel quite overwhelmed by the amount of weight I've gained, I think, and the knowledge that even when I've lost a stone I'll still be pretty big. I know that sounds a bit silly - after all, I'm doing something about it! -but somehow the diet makes me face up to the fact that I AM significantly obese, that I DO have to lose weight. I can ignore it easier when I'm not on the diet, I suppose!

I'm still constipated as well which is a bit of a worry, truth be told! I've got this fibre thing from my CDC but I think it's meant to be a preventative measure rather than a cure. I can 'feel' that somewhere way up in my colon there is another mammoth poo but it is nowhere near emerging and truth be told I'm a little scared of it! That one on Friday HURT!

I did buy my boots, some lovely black ones with furry lining from Jones the Bootmakers :) I prefer brown boots really but black are more practical for work. I have a lovely pair of knee high brown leather boots with a furry lining from Office but they are just too hot most of the time! Very comfy though. I was desperate for work trousers so have bought a new pair in size 16 and they are snug, but fit. Hopefully by the end of the month they will be loose! :) Xx
I was 100% all day! It was a difficult day but got through it - tomorrow shouldn't be quite as tough as we have stuff going on most of the day so I'll be distracted :)

A stone is a huge amount of weight, even if you do still feel really big, so don't despair :) even losing 10% of your body weight improves your health so much, so just remember that even if it feels like a small amount, it's making a huge difference :) risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease are all plummeting for every 100% day you have :) sorry to hear about the constipation :-/ I really would recommend a couple of Dulcolax to clear you out - just take them the night before you have a day at home because when you need to go, you need to be within 10 metres of a loo or you'll have a mess to deal with! I'll say no more!

We have a Jones in Nottingham but I've never been in. I have an I practically high pair of leather brown boots from Moda in Pelle that I got with my first grown up, full-time pay check but have yet to invest in any other boots.

Your 16s will be falling down and flashing your tiny bum in no time ;)
Ooh I am looking forward to that (although hope it doesn't happen in front of people!)

You're the same weight as me now, but so much taller - this is the problem, at my height it doesn't take much to make me look huge!
Day 10! Woohoo! Double figures - in terms of how long I've been 100%, at any rate! :D

It's been tough today but I expected that. Last weekend was busy busy and besides, I was all geared up and determined (I still am!) but I guess I had my carbs still in me then! This weekend, I haven't been tempted to cheat - need to say that first - BUT, I have found time dragged. I've read books, been shopping, watched movies, cleaned my house, planned lessons (I am a teacher) but still, time's gone awfully slowly.

I think it's partly because my sleeping isn't great - I woke up at 5:50 am Saturday morning, and couldn't get back to sleep. Then, I took a while to drift off Saturday night (this often happens to me on this diet, I don't know why.) I still woke at 7 today. So the days have felt long because, I suppose, they have been! :D

Today I have been shopping (bought new PJs from Primark, very warm, just what I need!) and some lovely smelling bath stuff from The Body Shop. Got back at 3, watched a movie, got in the bath, I am trying to fill time! It's so much easier at work when time is filled for me!

So proud of myself though :)
How tall are you?

I've found the weekend has been very long in terms of diet! I had a cheeky teaspoon of cooked pork mince earlier. It had had the fat cooked out I it and was done with sage, tomatoes and onions so I'm not counting it as cheating. I was just really hungry (bored, procrastinating hungry).

Weigh in tomorrow morning!

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