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Cambridge in the news...

Wow, can't believe how much it's grown in the UK. Have to say I hadn't heard of the Cambridge Diet, even after doing Lighter Life a couple of years ago. Seems there's a lot of advertising for LL but CD seems to be more word of mouth....unless it's just where I live!


is Special :P
No it isnt just you. I was actually getting ready to go to a lighter life presentation when i searched the difference between lighter life and lipo trim. This brought up CD. I was thinking what on earth is that??? But the minimins forum brought it all to light and more people seemed to recommend it so there you go. I am glad i picked Cambridge though. My mum is on lipotrim and hates it.
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
That's fantastic news and really does show that more and more people are trying to improve their health.
I too had never heard of cambridge diet and was so desperate to lose weight after 10 years of dieting that I googled slimming pills and found a forum (cant remember which one now - not minis) where people had achieved success with CD. Then googled CD and found out about the diet and found minimins. The rest is history.
I hadn't heard of CD or LL until one day on a parenting forum I would visit often. A lady on there posted about her successful weightloss (she is also a member of mini's) I pm'd her for details and in her reply she informed me about LL but also the cost. Couldn't afford that amount and so she suggested CD. I searched t'internet for CD and also joined minimins after she kindly mentioned this fantastic site! (Thanks again Buxom wench) I've still not seen CD advertised but have often seen LL in some women's mags. Tbh.. I don't think CD needs to be advertised... it's doing pretty damn well through word of mouth! lol
What the deuce is Lipotrim?
I hadnt heard of CD about 6 weeks ago. Heard of LL though, didn't realise there was a cost difference. Is it much more then?

Gotta say, CD is hard work to stick to, but it's a pretty simple diet :)
Lipotrim is a sole source diet run by doctors and chemists, it stock only 3 shales and 1 soup and cardboard bars, its hard to stick to as the shakes are disgusting no variety and you dont get a great deal of support, its 30 a week whereas cambridge is abit more but what you get in return is a really nice cdc and lots of choice and different meal plans so as cambridge expands, lipo I think will decrease.

Believe it or not, I have heard of CD...my mother did it donkey's years ago and lost alot of weight but she didn't go back to food slowly and put it all back on...

Only hearing of Lighter Life over here now...
When I first saw the article, I thought the bloke was wearing a bright orange 'Ronald McDonald' wig! DOH!

I hadn't heard of Cambridge and was researching weight loss surgery in Belgium when someone mentioned Icemoose's blog on an Ebay message board. I checked it out, joined the Discovery Health forum and then moved to Mini's when DH went down for 'improvement' (it didn't improve and most people stayed on here at Mini's :D )

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