Cambridge payment ????


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I pay mine cash as she runs it from home and does not have a card machine


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Hi there
Good luck with starting. I pay cash (£38.00 - varies slightly from counsellor to counsellor) but she will also accept cash.
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i pay cash also, i think that most of them work from home, or that is what my CDC told me, so i presume that they will only take cash, some maybe take cheque though.


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I pay my CDC by cheque or cash.


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I pay mine by cheque, she says she doesn't like lots of money lying around her house.


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i pay cash too £40 a week.


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I use cash if it is for less than twenty pound (when I have been maintaining and on one pack a day!!) or cheque but when I was ss-ing properly for three months, I paid her by standing order monthly - as it fitted with how I pay other bills - but I am good friends with my CDC anyway - heck that is how I found it in the first place!!!!!