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Cambridge Questions???

I'm probably very naughty, but bought my first few wks of CD on ebay to try it. It's worked so far (lost 11lb in wk 1) so I'd like to go with a counsellor now.
My questions are;-
As I work and have a small child, I don't want to have to attend sessions as such. Im a bit wary of joining because of that. Is it true that they only give advice and products?
Also, I had a disagreement with my GP on losing weight. He said I wouldn't be able to lose it (pigs might fly is what he actually said) and that he didn't agree with faddy diets. Does the GP get informed of starting the diet?

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Hi Heffa, Now its been a while since I did CD but unless you are on medication or have a BMI over 40 I dont think your GP has to know.

Most CDC's dont do a "session" as such, I used to go once a week and pick up my packs, I didnt get weighed there as I weighed at home, but think getting weighed is a good idea, its just my first CDC didnt bother weighing me at all as she wasnt the best so I just carried on weighing at home.

I loved my second CDC, we just used to have a chat and a laugh, there was no counselling involved, and she welcomed kids as she had 2 of her own.

Please do go and see a cdc, its much preferred, there are some dodgy sellers on ebay that use fake milk based products.

Well done on your loss x
i've ust joined CD and as long as you only took the pill or hrt, then no GP need know, well that and someother health issues. You could always meet up with a cdc and go through the form to make up your own mind.


Back On CD.......
Hiya Hun,

Welcome.. :D

I Love my CDC, Basically she pops round with my packs, has a bit of a chat (she is like a friend now, not just a CDC). I don't get weighed as I use my own WW scales.

I wouldn't buy anything like that from E-bay as they charge silly prices for CD Products, Get in touch with a CDC & have a good chat.

They are CDC'S on here, so professional advice may be on it's way..



MUST get a grip
My CDC is lovely lady - quite a bit older than me but lots and lots of clients on her books.
I can either pop in get weighed and collect packs, pay and go.
Or stop for longer chat and do questions and answers.
I think you get out of it what you put in & I find coming on here the greatest source of support.
Good luck x

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