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Cambridge vs.Slimfast?


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Hi there, I'm a newbie on this forum with a good few stone to lose as i'm 14st and only 19. :sigh: I began with slim-fast, and the shakes were sickly to me and they do contain alot of sugar! Was starving most of the time, blew it and gained 4lb. For me, the weight was steady i'd never lose and never gain..just stuck at around 13st 9 mark but now i'm 14st, bloated and seriously sick with milk. :jelous:
I saw cambridge products being sold on ebay a while ago, but didn't get round to buying them as they were v.pricey! so I used slim-fast instead but I refuse to go back on it; I don't really know the ins & outs of this diet just saw it seemed v.popular on here with people losing alot of weight :) Are these diets similar? on slimfast you could drink up to 500ml milk a day but for me that was too much!:jelous:
I'm really wanting a quick weight loss, but for the price..don't know if it's worth it, and slimfast got me down.! :cry:
Thanks x :cool:
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don't buy cambridge on ebay hon. that's dangerous as you really should be monitored by a cdc to make sure you are doing the diet correctly. also, products sold on ebay are usually more expensive than getting them from a cambridge diet counsellor (cdc). cambridge is different to slimfast in that it is a total food replacement diet. so you don't eat at all. that is the sole source option. there are other plans where you can eat certain foods too, but sole source is the way people tend to go.

i too was horrified at the price of it £35 a week. but then i can't go out drinking or for a meal, i can't get takeaway, can't buy lunch from work which is always more expensive than you think, can't buy snacks from anywhere or little extras in the supermarket and when you think about it it all adds up...

you get ALL of your recommended daily amounts of vits and minerals and everything else to boot and you hit ketosis, usually within 3 or 4 days so you don't tend to be hungry any more and feel great and burn lots of body fat :)

hope that helps.

abz xx


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S: 20st7lb C: 17st6lb G: 15st7lb Loss: 3st1lb(14.98%)
I tried Slimfast but as I don't like milk really struggled to drink them cos I had to make them with milk. I don't think I fully understood about Slimfast either so it didn't work for me.
CD, for me, is sooooo much better as the meals are mixed with water (yes I know they do contain milk powder) & as I'm not using actual milk I haven't struggled!!
Yes CD does seem a bit pricey but as Abz said you don't spend money on other stuff eg food or drinks. I used to spend up to £4 a day at work on lunch & snacks & drinks so that was £20 a week there not to mention the bottle off wine each night (sometimes 2!!) then there was brecci & evening meal. All in all I'm saving money doing CD, my health is so much better, my confidence has improved and I feel great!! xxx

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