Cambridge weight loss plan

I’ve stated the CW this Monday and all week have been so good I’m on SS atm I want to do it for 12 weeks sounds crazy but I feel like im not around supportive people or I have no will power in me!
Has anyone else started and could maybe join me in this Diet
It’s so easy to do but so easy to get off track.
Today I ate Some chocolate brownies and feel so bad :( I need some motivation
I'm on it(started Wednesday) but I'm on step 3
Hi! I started CWP last Monday on Sole Source Step 1 so will be a week tmrw same as you. It hasn't been an easy week and i have had to walk away from situations where i would pick at things without even noticing so I know how hard it is!
It is supposed to get easier from here on in and i have made sure that if i really need a nibble then there is something ok in the house like eggs to have one boiled or some tuna.

Bless you on the brownies, the best thing to do is to draw a line under it and get back on track. Beating yourself up about it will only make you feel worse so back on track and think of the end goal. It will be worth it!

Great to know there is someone else at the same stage as me, We can do this!