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Camille's Food Diary EE & red


Alomst there :)
So I've decided it's time to actually keep my food diary somewhere other than on scraps of paper somewhere in the vecinity of the computer :rolleyes:

I want to make sure I get my 2 stone (2lb off!) sticker on Thursday so I'm starting SE tomorrow - well today, but breakfast + morning snack wasn't really SE friendly, and I hadn't decided until lunch anyway, so today is a red day with lots of SF thrown in ;) I usually average about 2lbish a week, but I just want to make sure, i would be gutted if I missed it!

2 slices toast (B) LF spread (1)
HiFi Bar (B) (the that was the decision make it a red day, I can't keep them in the house without eating them.... Must stop buying them!)

FF Yog

Quorn Fillets topped with roast veg (Leek, onions, tomatoes, corguette + BNS) Topped with Cheese (A) (was very yummy!)

Some kind of fruit - whichever I put my hand on first ;)

Grilled Pork Chop with Cabbage, Carrots, mashed Swede and Gravy (2.5)

Late Snack:
Maybe options mixed with Quark (2) who knows ;)

Pretty much how it went :)
Total syns was 5.5 for the day.

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Alomst there :)
So... my idea for Success express has gone out of the window completely after being up all night Friday night with a D+V bug :(

I didn't really want to eat anything, and I actually felt like I had one of the worst hangovers of all time all day :( and it was my DH's 40th birthday party (hence snacking at 2am!), glad I didn't feel like drinking.... syns would have been waaaay higher!

Hi Fi Bar (B)

Pasta n' Sauce Creamy Tomato Wholgrain, made only with water + LF spread (1)


Chicken Kebab (Going to count it as 3, as that's what lamb kebabs are for 100g, and there wsn't alot there), Pitta (7.5) & Salad, EL Mayo (0.5)

2am(!) snack:
Hi Fi Bar (6)

Syns for day: 18

(Total for week so far - since Thurs: 35.5)


Alomst there :)
Well last week wasn't so good at keeping up with my diary.... had lots on and a diary was the last thing on my mind!!

Anyways, back to it....

Thursday 18/3:
B: HiFi bar + Apple

L: Sausage (1), Tomato, BNS + Lentil casserole, Jacket pot, LF spread (1), salad, cheese (A)

D: Chicken Casserole (1), FF Activia, Tracker Bar (6)

Total Syns: 9
Weekly total: 9

Trying to use my syns daily this week, but still keeping an eye on weekly totals too!


Alomst there :)
Trying to fit in as much superfree as poss this week... I want another 2lb off so I get into the 9's!!! I can't believe I'm so close, I haven't seen that figure on the scales since I was about 18!

Friday 20/3:
B: 2x Kiwi, 1/2 Grapefruit + tsp real sugar (1), Grapes, banana, FF activia yogurt. All Bran + Milk (3)

L: Saus, BNS etc casserole (1) + salad.

S: HiFi Bar (6) Must stop buying these I can't control myself with them!!!!
Sausage Roll (10)

D: Lasagne - made with quark, FF. Cheese (A)

Syns for day: 21
Syns for week: 30

Not such a good start to using syns daily, but I can easily pull it back....


Alomst there :)
Saturday 20/3:

B: Kiwi, Melon, 1/2 Grapefruit (with sweetner). 2 Sausages (2), mushrooms, eggs + cottage cheese.

L: Lasagne (A), Apple, banana, FF Activia.

S: HiFi bar (B)

D: Chicken, Jacket Pot, Salad, LF coleslaw (3.5), mushrooms.
Quark mixed with options (2)

S: Choc Chip tracker bar (6)

Syns 13.5
Weekly 40.5
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Alomst there :)
Sunday 21/03:
B: 1/2 Grapefruit, Grapes, Pear, FF Activia

L:Sausage(2), Bacon, Scrambled Egg (butter 1), Mushrooms.

HiFi Bar (B)

D: Roast pork, potatoes (2.5), cabbage, broccoli, Gravy (2.5)
FF Activia

Late night munchies :sigh:: HiFi bar (B)
Hot Chocolate (2) made with milk (A)

Syns for day:10
Week: 50.5


Alomst there :)
Monday 22/03:

B: Banana, pear, All-Bran (B), Milk (1/2 A)

S: 2 Hardboiled eggs

L: Cottage cheese sandwich (B), LF spead (1.5), pineapple, melon.

D: Chilli + Rice(6), cheese (1/2 A)
Cadbury's light chocolate mousse (3)

Can't believe I forgot I was on a red day and had rice with dinner! I only realised when I was writing this up.... pants... thought I was having a relatively low syn day too! :( never mind still under syns for the day theough :)

Syns for day 10.5

Week: 61


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