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Camping...What can I eat??


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Right I have just come off one holiday and now going camping in 2 weeks for 2 nights...I'm panicking about what I can eat already, were going with my husbands family and no one knows I'm on CD!!

I know there will be alcohol there (which is my biggest down fall) also what can i take to eat?!?

Thanks x x
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bars and tetras if you're on SS but that will involve telling your HB family. Guess if you really don't want them to know then just try to stick to low carb and say you're on antibiotics to avoid the alcohol? But why don't you want them to know?what's the worst that could happen if they know?


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S: 15st0lb C: 14st12lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 32.6 Loss: 0st2lb(0.95%)
I just don't want all the ... I knew some one who was on that diet and really ill, or I know someone who died on it or you will put it all back on at the end!!
I know it's daft and I shouldn't care what they think.

I will use the antibiotic trick I think and take a stash of tetras and bars. If we do go to a pub I suppose I can pick salads.

Thank you x


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When I went camping last year, we used disposable bbqs. If you did that you could stick to chicken and salad.

lunar jim

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Chicken skewers, just watch the marinade. I ate endless skewered king prawns at a BBQ last year and although they're supposed to be a no-no they didn't hurt my loss at all.

If you go down the disposable BBQ route, how about this for a tip: take some humous/salsa/dips and cut up loads of cucumber, carrot, peppers to dip in them as part of 'your contribution' to the communal BBQ. Then, as others are dipping in, eat the veg but *don't dip*. No-one will really notice, they think you are just doing the same as them and you are eating healthy veg. Have a couple of chicken skewers *just like everyone else*, avoid the booze with the medication excuse and no-one will know your little secret :D

Definate BBQ survival skill this, I guess it could be adapted for camping ;)

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