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Can a CDC answer this question for me please...


I lost two stone with Cambridge and felt great, my BMI is slightly under 25 now (24.4 I think) and I've come back to lose another stone. I'm on SS+ (which is the plan that I lost my weight on initally)

Is it safe to do SS+ until my BMI is 22.5 - which is what I'm aiming to get to (roughly)


When would I need to go up the plans please.

I've got my first WI with my counciller tonight, been doing Cambridge again for 5 days, so fingers crossed for a good loss.

Thanks to everyone for their replies,
Banf :)
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Aah, thanks Lancslass, this is what I thought! do you know if there is any danger in carrying on until I lose another stone? is the reason for going up the plans to make it easier to stick to? as I've got iron willpower!!!! :)


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I think the reason u have to go up is because u haven't got enough fat left for your body to use as energy which is why u need the xtra calories of a higher step
i agree that you need to be on at least 810. i agree with you don't have enough fat left to burn but also if you do a lower plan your body then looks for more fuel sources and it turns to itself. it will use muscle then your own organs if you go too far. i have known people who have gone to a really low bmi doing ss and have poo poo'ed the need to move up.

please do at least 810. you will loose weight more or less the same as a ss plan but it will be better for you.

p.s i'm not a cdc either, but it is my 3rd time on CD - 2nd time on ss.


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Yes, you need to do 810 as you will need extra protein to protect your lean mass. Don't want to go losing any of that lubberly stuff, or your metabolism will suffer more than necessary.

810 is a fab plan with very similar weight losses, especially if you are going from 'normal' eating rather than from SS or SS+.

Go for it :)
Hi - thanks to everyone who replied.

I'm going to be going up the plans and doing the 810 from today.. just one question if anyone could answer please, am I allowed to have prawns (I think I am) and how many - grammes would be great! :)
Thanks x
Hi Banafell

You are allowed 250g of prawns and eggs have been added as well on the 810 plan, good luck with your cdc tonight, let us know how you get on :)
Thanks Sarah Lou, I love prawns! so you've made me very happy :)

I went for my WI last night and after five days I'd lost 3lbs, so I was pretty chuffed with that BUT I wanted more of a weight loss, I'm never happy lol.


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