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can any 1 recommend a treadmill up to £700

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Feel like saving yourself £700? Go outside and walk or run. Running on a tready isn't like running on the road and you can get some fresh air while you are it :) If you haven't got any weight training equipment, I'd invest in that instead.
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i agree with miss croft =]

but if you dont want to run outside go to a gym?

argos have some treadmils on offer but i find when i buy stuff to use at home they just sit there lol


Go on smile! =)
I agree £700 is like 2years gym membership lol. Using all the different machines with professional advice.
Argos have the sale on and the £500 Reebok i-run is currently £350 (I was advised by a friend to buy the breakdown cover though no matter which treadmill I bought)

Thing is on your own treadmill you can spend as long as you want on it, when you want to go on it instead of being limited in a hot crowded gym; afterall not everyone likes all the equipment.

I've ordered mine and now just have to wait impatiently for the delivery :whistle: :talk017: :drool:
thanks all would like to lose a couple of stone before i join the gym and of course with my nice welsh weather its always raining so would like to have a jog at home thanks for all your views and i will have a look in Argos Cheer's and all advice well come.
If you are considering a treadmill because you are currently overweight, I'd urge you to think hard about your decision.

An exercise like running (outdoors or on a treadmill) puts a lot of impact on your joints. If you are currently carrying some excess weight too, this damage will be multiplied.

There was a man who used to attend my gym, who was overweight looking to drop a couple of stone. He would jump on the treadmill 5 days a week, and despite the above suggestions, he was emotionally attached to running as he believed it was the best method for burning fat.

The result? Within 3 years he permanantly damaged both his knees and required surgery because of the running.

I strongly urge against impact running if you are overweight. Firstly because it can very possibly destroy your knees, and secondly because it is far from the most effective method of fat loss anyway.

Buy a good set of free weights from Argos for £30 and save yourself £670 and the health of your legs. Resistance training will be a lot more beneficial for you.

Im not trying to sound nasty, Im just saying based on the fact that overwieght individuals are not recommended to perform excessive impact exercise.
thanks i have had a think and i am not getting a treadmill now until i have lost a few stone also was given a cross trainer by a friend which i was told is a low impact apparatus:confused: will also invest in some free weights too can you recommend a few good exercises to do with the weight and thanks for your advice .
Yeah, what your friend means is that with the cross trainer your legs arent actually hitting the floor, hence there is no impact on your bones. Its a lot safer.

Sure, for resistance exercises check out my Total body Training post. Any other questions just ask or PM me.

Always up for helping a fellow Welshman :D
lol we all in wales :p

hey im glad you had a rethink bout treadmill. i have crosstrainer and they are fab .. lost close to 9 stone in total.. and even still i dont do running on treadmills lol... maybe one day huh lool. x
crosstrainer is weird to describe , google it :p...

its like a running machine mixed with a bike.. it works all your body arms & legs at once

but rowers are great ...

& thanks xx
thankyou :) xxx

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