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  1. wishiwasslim

    wishiwasslim Member

    :cry:I started eating over Easter and cant stop! i need to get back to ss 100% or give up, the problem is ive found out im still the horrendus binge eater i always was,( if i was to start eating normal food again i reckon i could gain the 6 stone ive lost in about 1 month, no joke!!!!!!) i posted last week about my chewing and spitting, so i know a mass pig out was brewing but i think i need psyciatric help, why does food rule my life? i dont even enjoy food that much when i do eat! How can i get through day one right to the end? i know if i manage a day i can get back on the straight and narrow, just foodpacks and gallons of water? if i cant i think my only hope is gastric surgery! Before this overeating compusive behaviour kills me i feel like i could have a heart attack i feel so unhealthy from binge eating for just a few days! sorry to be so miserable and go on i arnt always so unhappy, honest!!! x x
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  3. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    Stop and take a deep breath. I understand that you are terrified you will go back to your old ways and put everything back on. I hear that you are worried about your chewing an spitting. There are things to be addressed here.

    You can stop. I know you can. You have the power to do that. Firstly, don't be so hard on yourself. Take a step back an imagine I had just written what you had written. What would you want to say to me. Seriously, write to me now what you would tell me. And then read it back and know it was for you. You would not beat me up, criticise me, want me to feel unhappy. You would come up with some encouraging words and some suggestions as to how to get through one day.

    What do you think you could do to get through one day?

    Some things that come to my mind (don't let this stop you writing back to me :))
    remember how you got throught the first day
    throw out all the tempting food in your house and if necessary pour some detergent over it so you don't go get it out of the bin again
    drink water, drink more water, drink more water
    keep looking at the inspiration slide show at the top of the screen
    imagine yourself having achieved your end goal
    really sit there right now and think about what you will be wearing, how do you feel, will you be smiling, will people be around you? What will they be saying to you and how will they be behaving toward you? What will you be doing differently?

    Now, just for a real quick minute, imagine you choose to keep eating, how will you feel?, what will you be doing, what will you look like and how will people be treating you?

    Which outcome do you choose?

    The time will pass whether you manage to ss or not. You can get a week, a month, three months along the road and find that time has passed and you have stayed the same or put on weight or you can get to the same point in the road and have lost weight.

    Everything you crave for will be there waiting for you at the end. As you go along the path you will get more control and more tools to help you control your behaviour around food. For now, just concentrate on the here and now.

    Get through one day. Once you get out of the carb fest it will get easier. Refined carbs are the devils food - they are so addictive but you can break the addiction.

    I have waffled and waffled here but that is because I'm trying to give you the energy to get through this. I want you to do this and I want to find the thing to say that will make you want to choose to stop eating right now.

    Wish you luck
  4. wishiwasslim

    wishiwasslim Member

    My god you are so right!!!!! I had tears rolling down my face when i read your reply!
    I can stop this!!!! and i will tomorrow!
    If you had wrote that post, i would ask you to remember the first time you did a vlcd which i think for both of us it was ll?
    I would tell you to remember the buzz from the first weeks weigh in! The same buzz from people starting to notice you loosing weight the thrill you get even now when you see people youve not seen for months when they see the change in you!! And also the speed time goes even when the first day ss seems like eternity!
    What you have wrote could change the next few months of my life, as you said time goes by no matter what you do but im not gonna get to summer and think i wish i had finished that now! or even worse i wish i wasnt back over 20 stone in this scorching heat! Thank you so much for answering me at this mad hour i will post tommorrow and let you know how its going day one back to basics!!!!! xxxx
  5. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    now you have made me well up! I seriously felt really bouyed up reading your last post. Really good advice, very encouraging and full of positivity. Hope you feel that way now.

    Glad I could help. Hope you have a good sleep and wake up full of beans (well, water and packs ... not really beans!).

    Catch up tomorrow
  6. silhouettes

    silhouettes Silver Member

    If you can afford it (no offense meant?) it might be worth trying LL as that deals with the psychological issues as well. I know that CD wouldnt work for me long term because it doesnt deal with the way my brain is set up to think, but the counselling about food and myself of LL has been amazing and really changed the way i think about foodn, what i use it for and how to deal with it.
    sil x
  7. wishiwasslim

    wishiwasslim Member

    Hi silhouette,

    Thanks for that, but i lost the 6 st on LL! which is why i think my food issues are very deep rooted! i know all the thinking behind Ll but cant seem to put it into practice again! I am however seriously thinking about some private councilling to see why i use food the way i do, i suspect it goes back to my childhood as some of the things which came up in the ll group sessions really hit home for me, but maybe never came right out with it been a group! But thanks for the reply!
  8. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    How are you feeling this morning by the way?
  9. wishiwasslim

    wishiwasslim Member

    Hi dancing, you must get about as much sleep as me!!!! i feel so positive its unreal im on pint of water number 2!!!!! I really have slept on it and cant face the thought of another fat summer! i know ill have times when i miss my "drug" but am gonna think about your paths everytime i feel weak!!!! So here goes today and by the end of it i know ill have that back in control contentment again, and its got to feel better than the feeling i had last night!!! Have a fab day and remember 16 lbs for you Go for it!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    Woo hoo. Go girl!
  11. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    glad to see you alot more positive today. And well done dancing what an excellent post it has helped me aswell to keep going :)
  12. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    Thanks Becky - it seems to have spurred me on a bit too. It was good to read what wishiwasslim wrote back to me ... it reminded me too of the rush you can get on this diet.

    Here's to a good day for all of us!
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