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Can anybody help me please?

I haven't posted for a while, I have been stuck in a comfort eating/depression cycle. I am disgusted with myself. I have so much to lose and therefore have a whopping 29 points to have but I still can't stick to it.

I seem to start off the day fine, but being at home with the baby it's so easy to just go to the kitchen and...
By the evening I just want to binge:cry:

I realised yesterday that I am the same weight as I was back in May. What a waste of time. I had my baby in January and promised myself I would take it slowly and lose 3 stone by Christmas but I wasn't satisfied losing slowly and just kept messing up. Now I'm looking at Christmas weighing 20st 7lbs. I'm so miserable.

Has anyone been through anything similar, how did you pull yourself out of it? Should I set a target for Christmas?

I hope it's ok if I come back and post (with my tail between my legs:break_diet:)

Thankyou for reading. x
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I've been through something similar...I got married last year at nearly 16st and vowed I would lose weight...but just kept failing and binging. Now a year on and I've put on almost 1.5st.
It is hard...especially for you if you are at home with a baby.
What helped me was posting more on here and starting a diary here to help keep me on track. Have you got any family/friends who you can talk to in depth about how you feel?
Hope being back here will help you. :)
have you thought about trying core? I was using about half my points each day on snacks and knew I had to start eating sensibly so tried core for a couple of weeks and it got me back on the straight and narrow.

If you want to stick to points do you plan ahead so know how many points you are having when? Also up the exercise to gain some activity points. Take the diet a day at a time and make mini targets and keep coming on here for support

Good luck it is hard but you can do it

Irene x
I was going to suggest Core too - For me snacking is where I go wrong, so i've realised that having bigger meals on Core and then only snacking on fruit and veg works better for me. I still use the points for treats, but I find i enjoy things more if they're treats, rather than 'just because i've got points left'.

If I just can't stick to the plan and need to binge, then I also find that if i stick to core foods outside of the mealtimes then it lessens the damage that a sack of crisps or slab of chocolate would do.
Firstly do not feel bad for coming back after a couple of slip ups we have all been there!!

I know how you feel when you just dont know how you are going to get back on the wagon, it is really difficult but once you have done it you just need the determination to carry on...

Just remember you CAN DO THIS!!!

I think setting a mini goal for christmas is a great idea then when you get to it you can treat yourself at xmas to something not food related, perhaps a facial, manicure or makeup?

I know it is so hard once you get into a cycle of eating bad things but remember the slower the weight comes off the more likely it is to stay off!!

We are all here to support you, i hope things start getting better Milly.

When not set yourself an easy target of 7-10lbs for Christmas.

The others are right when they say the trick is to plan ahead. Like Irene and Jenny, I wonder if you might do better on Core as well as you can eat until you are full, 3 meals a day, on a range of healthy foods and still snack on fruit and veg. Worth a try.

Oh, and welcome back x
I am exactly the same, in fact reading your posting was like I had written it myself. I despair. I am going to try core for a few weeks and I think you should too. I am going to do also do as the other girls suggest and post a diary on here to help. I am joining the club again too on Friday. I am so embarrassed to go back as they are going to think I am a right failure but I think it might help.

Good luck and you can always message me for support if you need it. Good luck and keep going.
I am exactly the same, in fact reading your posting was like I had written it myself. I despair. I am going to try core for a few weeks and I think you should too. I am going to do also do as the other girls suggest and post a diary on here to help. I am joining the club again too on Friday. I am so embarrassed to go back as they are going to think I am a right failure but I think it might help.

Good luck and you can always message me for support if you need it. Good luck and keep going.
they wont think either of you are failures - if it was easy to lose weight, why would there be so many classes / different diets in the first place? You just have to get in the right frame of mind - milly, if you're home with the baby lots find ways to keep yourself busy - if you feel the urge to snack, have a glass of water and see if you still want to afterwards, or find something to keep your hands busy - ironing, put on an old exercise video/dvd or go outside and take the little one for a brisk walk for something. Or even just come on here and post - yesterday I was home all day (as most people probably guessed from all my posts) but keeping myself busy i managed to stay within my points :)

if either of you ever want a chat let me know and will give you my email / phone numbers xxx
Welcome to the WW gang. First off you CAN do this, believe me if I can, anyone can. Id say though you need to reassess your target - youre NOT going to lose 2 stones by Xmas on WW, thats not a realistic goal. Setting it so high could mean when youre only losing 1 or 2lbs a week youre going to see it that youre failing to meet your goal.

Personally I never set weight/date targets, theyre too restrictive and for me a lot of my success on this diet is down to a mindset, Im succeeding, Im doing it. If I set myself a target to lose Xlbs by such and such a date and dont manage it I then see it that Im failing and forget that actually Ive still lost.

Mini targets are much better, start off with wanting to lose say half a stone - dont pressurise yourself with a date, then celebrate when you do, and set your next target. Little steps ;)
How lovely are you guys. Milly you can do this and I can too. I agree its mindset. What is odd is I lost 6 stone before on WW and I found it so easy but why is now I dont? I just dont get it. I am deffo going to join the group friday. I am embarrassed to go but I will. Black widow you are a great support and starlight I find you an inspiration I really do!
My friend lost 1.5 stone in 6 weeks on ww! It can be done if you stick to it...but WW is slower and more sensible than VLCDs but much easier to stick to and much easier to maintain! You can totally do this, you don't need to lose 2stone by Christmas, take it 1lb at a time and stick with us! :)x
Morning all!

Don't worry about the 2 stone target lol that was my ticker from the last time I was here, just haven't changed it yet. :D

Thanks for all your supportive posts I am actually smiling this morning even though I have just weighed on the Wii fit and discovered I am 7lb heavier than my scales say:mad:

Yes I am going to have a look at Core and see as I think it would be easier to cook for the family as I have my OH and 12 yr old son to cook for too. That could actually be one of my problems, I have been cooking for them, making something separate for me and then mashing veggies for the baby.

Until then I am going to stick to my points, need to go shopping for fruit and stuff too.

After the Wii fit shocker this morning I am determined to sort myself out. So I think I am going to set a target of 13lb for Christmas to get me to 20st. OOh I am feeling more focussed already!

I have a nasty habit at the moment of not leaving the house during the week this is something else I need to look at. I don't like to go out on my own.
I have found a little note book to jot down everything too. I intend to do a diary on here too but I want to write notes about points for things and the notebook fits in my bag for shopping.:eek:I can't be trusted in Tescos:rolleyes:

Anyway thanks everyone I feel much better all ready and I am going to spend the day researching and housework:(
(while the Wii is out I think I had better get a little excerise in too;))

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Hi hunny, I can totally relate to what you have said in your posts; from the comfort eating/binging whilst being at home with you're daughter to the vulnerability that leaving the house on your own can make you feel.

I was just the same when my eldest was a baby and to a lesser extent now. I forced myself to go for a brisk walk to the nearest park with my daughter each day and the more I did it the easier it became and it was a fab calorie burner too. If I'm honest even now 10 years later I get jumpy about going even just to Tesco on my own :eek:

On the food side of things I comfort eat the minute I am bored or stressed. Having said that I haven't binged since the 13th of October and I do not intend to again EVER!!!! - This is mostly due to this forum - it really has helped, the people on here can be so supportive.

Feel free to PM me if you want.
Good luck hon, you sound like you are well organised and ready to go. Bear in mind that neither of your scales are necessarily "right", it's just that they weigh you at different weights. Pick one to weigh in on and then stay off it for the next week ;)

Looking forward to hearing how you get on x
it sounds like your mind set has changed and i bet you can do it hunni!!
just take it a day at a time and i look forward to hearing about your losses!

Small step really I know but I managed to get through the day AND I had points to spare!!
I definately to keep focused on one day at a time and I wrote everything down properly aswell (no guessing lol).

I was thinking I might turn this in to my diary as your words of support really helped and i reckon I should keep them handy incase I stumble.
i definitely think you should :) and with the encouragement of everyone from here i'm certain you can make a good start on the run up to xmas :) when is your first weigh in? x


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Using this as a diary will definitely help you to keept track of things...I know my diary on here does...not just points and weight but helps to write down how your feeling each day. :)
Well done on your 1st day! :D
:D Thanks!

First weigh in is going to be next Thursday morning.

A few obstacles to cross over the weekend. Firstly Saturday evening takeaway. This (fingers crossed) is being turned in to low fat sausages and homemade oven chips. Second we are off out for a meal with my parents on Sunday....I think I am going for the Sunday roast and I will just be careful with the roast pots and wine.:eek: We don't have the starter and I usually say no to pud so hopefully it will be fine.
Well done on a great start. You could always have chinese for your takeaway. Chinese can be low in points if you make the right choices. For example, mushroom rice is 4.5, prawns with vegetables are 3 and chicken chow mein is 7.5 for the whole tubful!

Have a good weekend and look forward to following your progress x

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