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Can anyone give me advice please?


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You wont feel physical hunger cos your in ketosis.
you will feel emotional hunger and you need 2 try really hard 2 resist it :)
u will be fine- drink lots of water xxxxxxxxxx


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I agree with Kellie, just keep drinking the water hun or black tea/coffee and after WI you can enjoy your soup :D:D:D


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Just grin and bear it if you can with lots of water. If you find that you absolutely cannot do it, then whatever you do do not eat anything with carbohydrate/sugar. I would recommend just a piece of chicken or ham as this will not take you you of ketosis (though watch the calories). Only do this if you absolutely have to and do it instead of a donut or sandwich. If you get cravings, then try pinching your earlobes (best in private as people might point and laugh otherwise - tee hee)

Good Luck.


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Mikey does pinching you ears really work, no seriously cos I'm sitting here trying it now.


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It is really meant to help - and it does seem to work - but perhaps it is all in the mind ....

Cut Your Cravings

Put an end to the munchies right now
By: Marc Salem
19 Recommended

The stomach signals hunger, but your brain controls your cravings. Put a safety on the emotional triggers and you'll be able to bypass your approaching bypass. Your action plan:
1. Drink up. Often we interpret as hunger what's really thirst in disguise. Make it a rule to reach for a glass of ice water every time you feel hungry; you'll be surprised how much less you'll wind up eating.
2. Pinch yourself. Specifically, your nostrils or earlobes for 10 seconds. The craving will pass. These are acupressure points, which means that how this works is an ancient Chinese secret. But trust me, it does.
3. Use 100-watt lightbulbs. Brighter is better in the dining room, or on the couch if you tend to munch in front of the TV. Dim lights lower inhibitions of all kinds, whether you're making a move on Debbie or Little Debbie.
4. Negotiate over coffee. You're more apt to munch mindlessly during intense discussions. If you're going to break up with her, do it over a salad. If you're negotiating a big deal, wait until the dinner is finished.
5. Keep your hands to yourself. Manufacturers know that your chances of purchasing a product rise exponentially once you touch it. That's why the worse a food is for you, the more likely it comes in a cool, colorful package. Next time you're at the market, make a mental note not to touch anything in the junk-food aisles.
6. Think healthy, not thin. Many people become more successful at long-term weight loss once their motive shifts from wanting to be thinner to wanting to be healthier.
--By Marc Salem. Salem stars in the one-man show Mind Games. You can find more mind-control tips at marcsalem.com.


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Oh thanks for that info mikey now I cant breath cos I'm pinching my hostrils and can't hear cos 'I'M PINCHING MY EARS 'sorry for shouting lol


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Some of you might like to try EFT - Emotional Freedom therapy - sounds a bit bizarre but seems to get great results - check out YouTube - Using EFT - A Shortcut Method for an example of how to do it to reduce craving for something.

You will need to be somewhere private as you have to speak out loud.

More info at EFT Provides Impressive Health and Emotional Freedom--New Discovery Often Works Where Nothing Else

EFT can be used in many ways and has been reported to cure illnesses, ease pain and help remove phobias and cravings read about it at EFT Provides Impressive Health and Emotional Freedom--New Discovery Often Works Where Nothing Else or just google or youtube EFT

Amazing how many new verbs the internet gives us!


soon to be minnie mouse
Well you cant put any food in your mouth while laughing so that can be my good deed done for today, glad I could be of assistance to you lol
You'll be fine...there is no need to have them at certain times, I often have my first at about 6pm. You could eat a bar at class and also a paste from a milkshake, I often do this.


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Im fine now, just upped my water intake all day. Will have my soup when I get home as weigh in isnt until 8pm.

Can't say that pinching my ear worked for me though! LOL
Yeah, you'll get used to it Lana - iuts a bit scary the first time you are caught out, but as said, its not really hunger. Not REAL hunger. I save all my packs up and don;t have my first on until at least 6pm, then spread them throughout the evening. And I never find myself hungry during the day anymore.

This, from someone who used to quite happily graze through any day that ends with a "y". :D

Good luck at weigh in anyway! :)

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