Can ANYONE halp? esp a CDC???


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I got my medical form signed 2 weeks ago to start CD later this week. Since then, I've had a suspisious enlarged gland in my neck. my Dr (a different one than who signed my form) has given me loads of blood tests, which I get the results on monday for, it's almost certain he's going to send me for a biopsy, which I'll have done withing 2 weeks time. Will I be able to start the diet while im having these tests? Would it be advisable to wait until I have the results of all the tests? I'm feeling tired and run-down, but I think that's because I'm sick with worry that I have cancer. What advice or rules are there about starting CD under my circumstances?
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Hey sweetie, I'm not a CDC and can give no concrete medical advice but what I would say is that you are feeling run down and under alot of added stress at the moment - personally I would wait as you don't need the additional distraction of CD. It's only a couple of weeks, make sure everything is A okay and then go for it.

Hope all goes well, let us know how you get on.



Hi there,

again I don't know the official CD response but would really think right now you need to focus all your attention on your health and getting through this worrying time and that CD may be really tough for you... doesn't mean you have to overeat and maybe try to nourish your body through healthy foods until you know what the diagnosis is.

Thinking of you... CD will always be here when you are ready to give it 100%...

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Also am not a CDC or trained in medical matters.. but having had a breast lump biopsied and removed some years back, I was on atkins at the time of 'pre-op tests'. The nurse was sympathetic but I had to go back for the remaining tests when I was out of ketosis by a week and warned that if I went back on Atkins they wouldn't be able to operate.

Given that Cancer is a possibility (goodness knows I hope it's not the case) and at the very least you may be looking at surgery to remove the lump, I would personally say to wait till you know what you're looking at. If you were my friend, sister or whatever I'd say the same, it'd be awful if you had to hold off an op or further investigations to become clear of ketones.

((hugs)) Fingers x'd it's all benign and nothing to worry over.


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Fingers crossed too that all is well xxx

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Advice would be not to start SS, SS+, 810 or 1000 until you have the results of your tests.

You could start at 1200 cals which is 2 packs and good healthy food, that way you would be getting 2/3rds of your nutrition from the packs and learning to eat regularly from the correct food groups.

Wishing you good luck with your results, keep positive.


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Hope everything turns out OK for you. I know EXACTLY how you feel but it really will be OK.