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Can anyone help????

I am going to be eating out all weekend and then I am away next week (which means eating out again).

I am gonna be really cheeky :eek: and ask if anyone has go an eating out guide that they could email me as I really really wanna beat Marie this week LOL.

If anyone can help then it would be greatly appreciated.

Thankyou x
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I have just sent you a private message with the details. THANKYOU CHUCKIE EGG you are a life saver LOL xx
Dont you bet on that Missy!!!! LOL :) I have got it now so you are in trouble :wave_cry: to the weight, no more mess ups........(Yeah right)

Anyway how are you doing. I am having my kebab tonight, chicken, pitta and lots of salad, this time with NO garlic mayo on it lol which works out as 7 points then I have 4 left over to eat on Saturday or Sunday!!

When you have your kebab on a monday, which one do you have and how many points is it?
I have a doner kebab with a pita and salad...YUMMY! I don't have mayo on it from the kebab place, I just put some ww mayo on it myself when I get home, so the whole thing works out at about 10 points, and worth every single one!

I'm doing ok, been good every day so far this week, BUT, OH is working til midnight tonight, so I have to try and resist the temptation of ordering in a takeaway (no point cooking for one is there, hehe). Then I expect he'll be out tomorrow night, so I'll have the same problem again. It's certainly going to be a tough couple of days - I really struggle to be good when I'm home alone in the evenings.

I did think about getting a kebab for my dinner tonight, but I think two kebabs in one week is probably a bit naughty? Lol.
Oh I dont know I think it would be a really good idea, eat what you want when you want that is my motto (for you anyway)! hehe!

Seriously though I dont think it matters what you eat really as long as you are within your points.

Have you got an eating out guide that helps you out?
I do have an eating out guide, and I know the idea is that you can eat whatever you want so long as you're within your points, BUT, I'm not sure I completely trust the eating out guide. For example, how can a doner kebab with salad and pita only be 9.5 points?! I'm under the illusion that anything tasty must be really bad, lol.
it is because it is only lamb and pitta bread and depends on how the meat is cooked to how many points it is! IE:- A shish kebab is less and you can still have it with pitta bread and salad this is because it is grilled. I think if my memory servse me right a pitta bread is only 3 points hold on....Looked in the guide, a small pitta of around 1oz is 1 point so that would work out about right.
I still find it hard to trust...I'm probably just being over cautious - because I'm determined to beat you! Lol!

Maybe I'll try a shish kebab then, with pita and salad. Never had one of those before (are they as nice?), but as they're lower in points it'll leave me enough for a vanilla slice too, hehe!!
I have no idea I have only just read up about them, all I know is they are lower in points because they are grilled instead of (well however they are cooked lol).

You are right tho anything that is really yummy you tend to stay away from as you are not sure if you should be eating it or not. BUT I am gonna eat it anyway if it tastes good.

I think I am gonna stay away from the chips tonight though I think you should have them with yours :giggle: !! x

My OH is having a cheeseburger and chips :drool: but definately staying away from that or I will never beat you!! hehe
Oh come on, you shouldn't deprive yourself! If you want chips then you have them! In fact, have two portions! Lol!
Now Now you can stop that. It really is NOT gonna work you know!!

I need to need to pressure you - you'll soon change your own mind when you're stood in the queue at the kebab shop and can smell those gorgeous chips! Hehe!
Nope you have helped me now I will not be having the chips, I have even cut back on 1.5 points on my dinner so that I can have some of my low fat mayo on me kebabk, so still being good. How about you, are you drooling with the thought of those chips yet, mmmmmmmmmm smothered with salt and vinegar mmmmm the smell!!
I'm not even tempted....but only because it would mean having to go out and get them, and I'm far too lazy for that, lol.
Lets just STOP now and get back to where we were as we will be told off for tempting people.

Now anyway so far so good I have had my dinner and I have taken your advice which is not to have lashings of Garlic Mayo on it. I am gonna have the Lemon juice (0 Point) and then might have some Mayo from home if I fancy it and if not I will just stick with the Lemon. I have not had that before but I would imagine it is quite nice soaked into to pitta and with the chicken and salad. Dont ya think? I think so I will try it.

I wonder how Starlight is getting on!
Oh well I will try it and let you know, if I dont like it then at least it will be less points LOL.

I am at work I should really do some instead of looking at this forum all day LOL hehe

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