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Can everyone go into Ketosis?

This is my first week on CD and I've been started on Step 2 as my BMI is over 40.

I've stuck to it really well, no hiccups at all.

I've been having my 3 products a day and a dinner of chicken breast and 3-4 table spoons of veg/salad - brocolli, cabbage & lettuce. I also have to have a small glass of skimmed milk a day aswell so I mix that in with one of my shakes.

I really thought I was in Ketosis but I bought some ketosticks and they only showed a trace :(

I had a bad taste in my mouth and headaches saturday and sunday (started wednesday).

The bad taste is gone now though so is it possible I've come out of it? I'm also late for my monthly (only by 2 days) so could hormones stop me from going into it?

Can everyone go into ketosis? I'm worried I can't as I never lost much on atkins either...

Not feeling good today :(
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Oh Hun yes you will be in ketosis also ditch the sticks if you test first thing in a morning it may show strong ketosis as you haven't diluted then by drinking water. Stick with it hugs xx
The sticks don't work well! If you don't feel hungry, are following it religiously, have smelly breath and a nasty taste in your mouth I would suggest you are in ketosis!
Thanks guys :)
Upped my mood a little bit!

Now only the weigh in will tell...
Fingers crossed! :rolleyes:
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Thank you, I get weighed Tonight at 8pm!
It's really dragging now lol :(