can i also join WEmitts?


LighterLife Dieter
Hello everyone, would it be ok if i joined WEmitts? i'll tell you a little about myself, im 23, weighed 30stone 13 pound when i started lighter life 6 weeks ago, i have lost 41 pounds and currently weight 28stone. i have ALOT more to lose! id like to lose around 18/19stone but i feel now that with the Lighterlife diet i can actually do that now! just wondered if there was anyone else with this kinda weight to lose? or has already lost it? would love to hear from you! its great to find a site with so many supportive people! well look for to reading more about everyones weight loss.
Hi hun, welcome to the wemitts!

I started off in Feb this year weighing 30st 10lbs (I only found out how much I weighed after the first week of my diet as I was too heavy for my cdcs scales :eek: ) so who knows what my "real" starting weight was!!!

Anyhow I am still on my journey but have lost 12stones so far, I have pretty much messed about over the past 5 months losing and gaining the same stone over and over, grrr - my own fault though, I kind of went off the rails when we moved house, but hopefully I will get back into it fully after Christmas (yes I am soo not kidding myself that i will abstain over the holiday period LOL)

Your weight loss so far is brilliant, well done! Hope to get to know you better as your journey continues!!

hello mrs tweedy, thank you for the message. 12 stone!! that is amazing!! may i ask how long that has taken you to lose? ahhh the dreaded xmas period!! im dreading it this year! xmas dinner was the only thing i actually enjoyed bout xmas! but i will stay abstinent thats for sure! im doing so well i really dont wanna mess it up, even though it will be hard watching my sister eat xmas dinner!!!! lol hope to hear from you again xx
Hi Mel, well I started on Feb 4th and had lost 10 stones by August but like I said I have been very naughty over these past few months (Aug - Dec) I have now lost 12 stones but know that if I hadn't messed about for these past months I could easily have lost another 4 - 5 stones so if anyone can learn from my example I would urge them not to make the mistakes I have recently!

You have more willpower than me to get through Christmas ssing, well done *throwing you a look of total admiration* I am determined to get back on my ssing in January and hope that by this time next year I will be at my goal!

Looking forward to sharing your journey with you, it is truly life changing to go from over 30st (hardly able to walk, difficulties breathing etc etc.... and now I can actually run up the stairs lol) You will be so amazed at how your life changes with each and every stone you lose!

Good luck MEL. You can so do it! Remember xmas dinner is just another dinner and will still be there next year.
Welcome and Good Luck Mel - I have another 10 stone to lose... and I will be SS'ing too this holiday season. I just look at it as a teeny sacrifice for a major benefit in the future! There is another lady on the site called Roch who has a similar amount to lose. If you search on the members list you will find her and I'm absolutely positive that she will be very pleased to know you!

I look forward to following your weight loss journey and really wish you every success! You sound really focussed and have done brilliantly so far so I'm sure you'll get there! xx
Hello Mel, and a very warm welcome to the WeMitts. We really understand the extra issues involved when you have a LOT of weight to lose. We know all the associated problems, and will help you every step of the way. Come here to laugh, to cry, to pass the time of day.
Looking forward to sharing your journey with you, and seeing you at one of the "meets" one day.
I started at 21st9lbs on Jan 4th, and am now maintaining at between 10 - 10.7 Ann
Good luck to all you ladies.

Mrs T, you are so right, life does really change with each stone lost.
Hi Mel, well I started on Feb 4th and had lost 10 stones by August

Blimey Mrs T, I know that you said you had messed about a bit in the past four months but please don't let that distract you from the fact that losing 10 stones is magnificent. Best of luck for after Christmas.

And Mel, all the best for your coming weight loss too. :)

xx. K.