Can I ask 2 questions please? nitrate free bacon/zero carb sweets


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I was just wondering if any1 can tell me where to buy nitrate free bacon?? As my atkins cook book says use nitrate free bacon! And also what is the score on zero net carb sugar free sweets?? The ones off the low carb superstore website. Are we allowed to eat them on atkins? I soooo hope we are!!
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those sweets tend to contain maltitol, and the jury seems pretty much out on whether they will keep you in ketosis. Google maltitol, you will find lots of info on it. It does seem that it has a GI only a bit lower than sugar. I actually like it as it has a very natural sweet taste, but i would be cautious about it if you are on atkins. Like they say, suck it and see.

Nitrate free bacon, buy online here
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It's the Night Garden. :D The nitrate free was just about health rather than weight loss, I don't see it's going to make a huge difference unless you are eating pounds of bacon a day. On top of that if you are drinking the required amount of water Daisy, that should equal it out.


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I have some of the LCM sweets and can have two without any serious side effects.

I also don't worry about nitrates in bacon, as Jim says, if you drink enough water, you will flush it out (along with everything else) :)