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  1. billie1007

    billie1007 Member

    So, long story short. I have tried everything...except Atkins.

    I have lost a lot before with Cambridge, but have now put it all back on. I can't stick at it this time, so I figured why not throw myself into something that could, potentially, last a lifetime.

    Some questions please:

    Can I really eat the following? I can't get my head round it... this is what I have eaten/will eat before the day is out.

    Breakfast: 2 slices of ham with a fried egg in the middle and some cheddar melted on top
    Lunch: Chicken ceasar salad minus the croutons
    Dinner: Ribs (with a rub on - should I have had plain? I don't know what is in the rub as it was prepped at the butchers) Mixed roast veg - onions, squash, peppers.
    Snacks: 3 oopsies (whoops), half tin of tuna with some mayo
    Drinks: water, two coffees with cream in, 2 diet cokes

    How is this possible? I must have something wrong?

    I am drinking the water as I'm well used to this and I know I have to give up the diet coke completely....right?

    I'd be grateful if someone could let me know if I am anywhere near to getting this right. There seems to be so much info out there.

    When it says that I can eat chicken for example - does it mean as much chicken as I like? As much bacon as I like?

    Once my carb brain has gone I can see how this way of eating will leave me satisfied - I'm stuffed!

    Thanks so much, any advice would be great!

    I should also say - I'm not really counting carbs...not quite sure how to. Do I have to count the carbs in the meat etc? Or are those foods considered 'free'? Gosh, I'm not great at this am I!?

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  3. Kat1e

    Kat1e This is for life

    Hi there - first of all it all sounds fine. Where you have spotted a potential issue (rub or diet drinks) you already know the answer:) yes you need to count carbs just because that will really help you understand what works. Suggest My fitness pal to help.

    Dont worry about quantities initially - your appetite WILL drop off naturally if you stay off carbs. You cant stuff your face forever but more i portant to kick the addictions/cravings first. Read the stickies and keep asking questions:)

    Good luck!
  4. billie1007

    billie1007 Member

    Thank you - really appreciate the reassurance. I have downloaded MFP to my phone and will begin tracking carbs.

    Made a fair few Oopsies to try and have something 'with' foods. I find that I can't just eat bacon and eggs fro example, but with an oopsie and some mushrooms I found that I didn't miss the toast.

    I wonder if I have something wrong though as mine seem a little too eggy - they look just as they should though, so that's good.

    Menu for today is as follows:

    2 rashers bacon
    1 egg

    Green veg with minted butter and a tuna steak

    Lots of chicken (roast) and salad

    Snacks - Oopsie and cream (which was lush)

    No diet coke today - I am determined to give it up.

    This board seems pretty slow? I'm used to a different forum (not diet related) and you usually get a reply within seconds, your post is usually on page 3 an hour later :)
    I guess all the minimins users are out pounding the streets trying to get their exercise in ;0

    Thanks for any advice you can give me. I am 100% determined that this is how I want to live my life.

  5. crippin

    crippin Member

    Best of luck billy, I have lost alot of weight but Im back again after many years.

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