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Can I ask about Constipation?

Sorry, I'm not sure if its ok to mention this but on sole sourse I sometimes fine I get a bit constipated:eek:. I take laxatives for this but the package warns not to use them for an extended time. If I am on the diet for 6-8 weeks will this do me any harm? Please help and sorry if I have posted in the wrong place! :confused:
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Hi november_girl don't feel embarrassed about asking - i think the most on this forum will agree that anusol is the best. Search for a thread 'constipation' it was huge topic about 2 weeks ago and there is alot of advise from immediate help to going forward and avoiding it!

Hope all is well again soon x


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My only thing would be, are you actually constipated? If it's just that you're not going very regularly, then you're most likely not. You have to remember you're taking in a lot less, so there's a lot less waste, and so less need to err.... excrete that waste!! If it's a case of you feel like you have to go, you're bloated, it's painful and you're having to strain a lot, then it would suggest that yes you are constipated. Try upping your water. And also maybe give something like psyllium husks or the fibre-69 a try.


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I think I remember Reading in the previous posts that you shouldn't start taking the fibre supplements until your constipation is sorted, and then you take the fibre to stop it coming back? If you take it while already constipated it could make matters worse!


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Oops, sorry, yeah I meant trying the psyllium husks and fibre-69 as a preventative rather than a cure!


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TMI I know but, before CD I used to go to the loo (no2) every day... now it can be 2 or 3 days inbetween visits..
Its as the poster said earlier - you aren't taking anything in so there is nothing to come out...



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Be really careful taking laxatives too often. I learned that the hard way a few years ago! I was doing the lemonade diet and took a senna tea every day for about 4 weeks but then felt constipated when I stopped, so carried on taking it, trying to cut it down. After about 2 months I read up the dangers of too many laxitives and stopped....and so did my ability to excrete!!! After over a week I was in absolute agony and felt like I could explode. I ended up going to the chemist and being put on lactulose which is a safer form of keeping you regular (although not allowed on CD due to the high sugar content). I discovered that taking lots of laxatives makes the body lazy. Peristalysis, the contracting of the bowel to move matter through stops as the laxatives do all the hard work and the body gets used to not having to work at this....so when you stop taking laxatives the bowel takes some re-training and reminding how to do its job and get things going again and isn't a pleasant experience!! I suffer with constipation a lot, even when I'm eating normally so got myself well prepared for it on this diet as I knew it would get me again! I take fiber everyday, and once a week (2 or 3 days before weigh in) I drink one cup of senna tea (it's ok to have the odd cup), I use slimatea from Holland and Barrett which helps a little, and then I use a suppository (I bought Sainsburys own make which work really well) then the day before weigh in I use this, which works in a matter of minutes and is the best thing I ever bought!!! I like to make sure I'm ok for weigh in but this is just my choice. I think it's normal to only go once or twice a week on SS, so as longas you're going once a week I wouldn't expect that you're overly constipated. I spoke to the chemist to make sure I'm not going to screw my ability to go naturally and she said it's fine, suppositories are apparently the safest method as they don't interfere with the digestive tract or function of the body so no long term effect. Appologies if too much detail but hey, we're all in the same boat and we all poop!!! haha. Hope this helps
I've had a bit of this too and definitely find it's worse if i haven't had enough water. I would stick to the natural stuff (psyllium husks) and have them in a shake as a 'porridge'. X

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