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can I ask..... Using Syns

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I am relatively new to SW, first weigh in last week and I lost 2 and a half pounds so quite happy (well we always want more!)
I do enjoy my fish and chip supper treat on a saturday night which 'costs' me about 28 syns. My consultant seems to work on having 105 syns a week rather than 15 daily, so suggests i save syns throughout the week. Thing is, I dont actually find I need too many syns everyday, but I have read a few times that you SHOULD use you syn allowance. Do I have to?? it would seem then that I am eating for the sake of it rather than needing it

Think I have rambled a bit, I hope you get what I mean

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I would say that if you dont need them then you dont have to use them. SW is a lifestyle afterall and syns can be anything from enhanced cooking sauces to chocolate to alcohol. I believe that sw promotes balance and within that balance you have syns.

When your body reaches a plateau, the easiest part of the plan to cut back on is syns, but if you feel that you can use SW effectively without using all of the syn allowance then No dont eat for the sake of it.

Good Luck xx


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SW are encouraging you to eat a balanced and healthy diet. If you start a diet by eating a minimal amount of syns each day it will be harder in the long run to increase or decrease the amount of syns if you need to.

Syns can be easily added to your diet. Oil for cooking, sugar in a hot drink, marg on your toast etc. It doesn't have to mean adding food that you don't want to eat.

Good luck :)

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This is an ongoing debate - daily syns or weekly syns - and the answer needs to be whatever works for you hun! I personally have daily syns as I think if I stored them up I would spend them at weekends and then leave myself short for the rest of the week! Whilst you're getting used to the plan try one week where you have your daily quota and another where you have them over a week! SW is a lifestyle choice, so use it to adapt to your advantage for your lifestyle xxxxx
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for about half of my slimmingworld journey, i began having a massive takeaway after Wi on a wednesday.. that was my treat and then cutting back on syns, always below 3 if i could help it a day to compensate.

Now im so close to target (and after maintaining for 9 months and then re-setting target lower) i no longer have this takeaway, and am still having to keep my syns below 5 a day in order to have a loss..

- i believe if i'd used my syns more evenly throughout the week most weeks, and having a takeaway say once a month and cutting back the rest of that week only, i'd have more room to wiggle now. Granted when i maintain its fab, and its exactly how i like to live.. and have been able to successfully maintain for 9 months, so thats okay.. but when you only have a little way to go, your limited as to what you can do to 'boost' your weight loss because there isnt much more to loose..

and more often than not cutting back on syns is the first port of call.. well, my only option was to really cut back on my after wi treat, so now i havnt had a takeaway in 7 weeks, and my syns are less than 5 a day.. and my losses are painfully slow! LOL


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