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can i ask where to get shakes from online

i have a friend who is thinking about lipotrim but she wants to buy offline but i have heard so many ghost storys of people selling duff ones and it not being lipotrim so i offered to ask on here as i know one girl is getting them offline so is there anywhere you can surgest that is the real thing and not the fakes. xxxx
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you can buy them off ebay, but i would not bother....god's knows what your buying!!!!

Best and safest way is off your chemist...
yeah i was told on e bay they fakes and i think alot more money too thanks xx


I will do this!!!
Seriously you have to think that these shkaes are medication, giving the body what it needs so i wouldn't get it from anywhere other than the doctors or chemists. Is there a specific reason she doesn't want to do it through the chemist?? after all you get the weekly WIs then too as more of an incentive
I wouldn't trust them from any other place to be totally honest with you. Is it coz she is just too far away from a chemist to make the trip worthwhile or is she worried she may not be allowed to do it if she went to a chemist? Either way she really would be better off getting the packs from an authorised supplier.

Good luck to her.

I accept it may well be brand potection, but on the LT website it says DO NOT BY ANY LT PRODUCTS ON EBAY. Some sound direction in this thread about it being medication, and as such a weekly check with a medication expert, be that your Doc or a Pharmacist is an essential part of staying healthy whilst on the diet. TFR is afterall a fairly extreme approach and should be fully monitored as such.
i think she has now decided to go to the chemist she wanted to get them offline cos the chemist she would have to get them from is MILES away and she doesnt drive but she has just joined here and introudced herself and i read that she going to the chemist. thanks guys xx


Says it as it is!!!
You cant buy them online, apart from ebay..unless she wants the maintainence... why dont you get her to go to the chemist with you as moral support!
The chemist may after the first week or two also agree that she could go every other week to make it less of a trek but seriously shouldnt buy any LT off Ebay she could try maintainence but it wont work as fast as LT

If you really want to lose the weight and have enough weight to lose then however long it takes to get to the chemist then surely you would see it as worth it?
i cant go with her as we live 2 hours apart. but i think she has decided to go to the chemist thanks xxx
Whereabouts is she coz there maybe someone on here closer to her who she could buddy up with.

she lives in london
There are a couple of posters on here from London, maybe one of those can help her.

I hope she sorts something out. Has she joined this site coz it's been a Godsend to me and I have met 2 people who WI at the same chemist as me.

yeah she just joined and put a post in her introduction section
Ooophs, missed that!!!


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