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can i ask you ladies a personal question?

ok, one of my boobs is really really painful. i havent knocked it and thought i felt something earlier, but there isnt anything there. did you have this in the first week or am i being silly? x
I've not had it, maybe go to the doc, better safe than sorry
One possibility is fluid retention, I would guess. On VLCDs people drink tons more fluid than usual and it has to go somewhere!

Some do have breast tenderness around T.O.M. Also - during the early stages of pregnancy. I sure did! If there is any chance at all that you might be pregnant, have a test done asap. Either way I would see the doc, as a precaution. One can never be too careful when it comes to health.


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is it definate that you couldnt be pregnant lol!!! I get pain in my breasts all the time in isolated places(non cd related) and had it investigated,they said caffeine,smoking and several other things but i cant remember what they are can cause it.It is quite common....but anything different or unusual for you then you should get it checked out. xx
Hope it went well for you, did your results come back ok?

I had some pain in my breasts before I started CD and they went away after a few days, from what I was told most women experience it and its rarely something to be concerned about unless there are any lumps etc x
This happened to me one the first three days of the diet, though I didn't think it was related. I would definatly say go to the docs though if you felt a lump. Better safe than sorry.

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