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I think, like any diet, it has its side effects but I don't think that people generally feel bad on it. The first few days can be a bit tough but once you get over that I've found it unlike any other diet in that I am not craving food. I think that people come here to ask questions and see how people are getting on but if you read most of the posts they are really positive and supportive. The weekly group sessions are good also.

It might seem extreme, switching food for packs, but I've now lost more weight in 3 weeks that I would have lost in 4 months of WW which I've done before. I've also got more energy and a normal blood pressure (quite high before I started). I plan to keep the weight off by following the management programme afterwards.

I guess different approaches suit different people.

Good luck and well done with your loss so far.

Johnny :D


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I don't feel bad:D I feel great!!!!!!!

Have to admit firast day had a stonker of a headache and scuttled off to bed early thinking if I was going to feel like that I would give up. But woke up felt fine and have felt fine since. Feel even better now I'm nearer to goal:D

I think maybe I'm one of the lucky ones I didn't get any side effects. Obviously I've felt hungry at times especially during the first 2 weeks, but then I expected that.

I've become quite emotional though, not sure why, maybe because of feeling I'm getting my life back.

How do you feel?



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I feel great - i mean sometimes i feel bad for eating too much food or going over my own points but that just nautral really!

hmm maybe some of you don't get that feeling --

i have to say i was not being rude i was just wonding that all!

thanks guys ! x


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I don't feel bad on this diet and the majority of people that are following the diet strictly and not cheating are generally in good health too. It's when you cheat that you tend to start having problems. I am in a group of twelve people and not one of us have had anything other than a cold in the 13 weeks we've been doing the diet.


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oh i see - ok!


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When I did CD, I only really felt bad in the first few days waiting for ketosis to kick in and then when I went off track I felt awful trying to get back on track...but while I was doign CD properly, I fely fantastic most of the time, could see the weight dropping off, smaller clothes fitting, buckets of energy, it was ace....there was the odd emotional occassion, but that was simply the enormity of what I was doing hittin me!


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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
Interesting question - which I suppose could be worded to say 'Why on earth are we putting ourselves through this?' (!)

On paper it does seem a little extreme, I suppose - but for me this was the remaining option after all the other options had been exhausted. I realised that I had to do something about my addiction to food. They don;t let alcoholics have 'just the one'...so I figured that this was the only programme that actually tackled my problem like it was an addiction - WW with the counting and the recipes and the pictures of food and the expensive processed snacks just made me worse (it's great for people who need to keep in check or lose 3 stone or less and it's probably just as good for obese people who aren't 'addicts' - it just wasn't working for me).

As for the bad days - well - I had a bad day yesterday - moody and irritable and depressed and lonely and achey. Turns out I was due on today! The days before my period were like this before I was on LL as well! I had bad days in normal life - in fcat prbably more bad days than I've had for the last 4 months.

Day 3 was horrible because my breath stank and I was dizzy. The first month was horrible whilst I kicked the 'habit' (any smoker/drinker/narcotic user will tell you that the first 90 days are the worst) - but that's tempered by staggering weight losses and amazing changes in your body.

Also - being such an extreme diet, it really proves to you that when you put your mind to it you can damn well do anything - it is life changing. LL works on your inside as well as your outside - I am looking forward to returning to food - not out of greed, but because I want to relearn how to love food without it destroying my life again. I feel like a new person!

That's why I do it. And the 5 or 6 horrible days of feeling cold and weird out of the last 119 have been a tiny tiny price to pay for the feeling of the zip on a pair of size 14 trousers doing up over my almost disappeared tummy!

Also - I haven't had tree pollen hayfever this year or a single cold since I started (I've usually had two by May) - so if anything, my health is better!
There are up's and downs to the diet becase its so extreme! I assume from the comment Annie that you're not actually ON the diet? its hard on so many levels but as Cerulean says SO worth it! It actually takes a lot of guts to do the diet. Most of us have tried every diet under the sun but have just got to the HAD ENOUGH stage where we feel fat & miserable& dont want to any more! I did it because I recgnise that I used food for all sorts of the things (boredom, lonliness, tiredness, treat, punishment - you name it really!) and not having food gives you the opportunity to tackle those issues and learn a new way of living!
Its hard because you watch people eat every day and you want some but cant have it. Social situations (meals, weddings & old habits like Friday night take away!) can be a nightmare...and the smell of sausages on a BBQ is hell! Then you're getting used to a new body which is exciting but scary at the same time...having to deal with feelings and possiby being chatted up after being ignored for so long....so many things Annie that its hard to express but every single difficulty is worth it & I have had SOOOOO much support from family and friends; I no longer bury feelings, know I am loved & freely accept & give in return and absolutely could not have done it without people on here! Sorry thats long but its not a simple issue as you may see!! Hope that helps?


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I've got to say that I've felt happier on this diet than I have in years - that's with myself I mean, not with my life in whole. I've not struggled at all on the diet apart from feeling really achey on day 2, I've loved not having to watch what I eat and feel either blue because I've ate more than I should or blue because I'm missing out by limiting myself. I know I can't eat anything but my packs but I really don't see that as a hardship, I came on to this diet feeling so sad and dejected with what food had made me and how it made me feel that I really haven't 'missed' it in real terms. I've been on nights out, to bbq's and thought 'mmm that looks nice' and that's it - the feelings have stopped there, they haven't made me feel crap or given me feelings of longing.

Now I can only hope that this sense of contentment with what I'm doing stays with me and that this time next week I'm not desperate for a bacon butty - but while it's here I'm enjoying it and loving the life that feeling slimmer has given me.

Putting my current stressed out week aside, I've never felt better! For whatever reason, I didnt really have any of the initial side effects getting into ketosis. Just felt a bit weird if anything which was completely a mind thing, not a physical thing. I would go so far to say that at times I've actually felt quite euphoric!! My life is completely changing, and for the better. You cant get away from the fact that when you remove the food, you gotta deal with the problem head on. I even think that the weight loss is simply the by product of this programme. The real benefit for me is the work I've done on myself in order to allow the weight to come off. By the time I'm back on food I'm certain I will be rid of some life long demons :)

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S: 15st12lb C: 15st12lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Yes I agree with everything everyone has said on here, I have felt absolutely amazing, from the word go.
It feels so good to know that you are losing weight at the rate we are.

This diet was my last resort, I've tried ALL the other diets.
Since doing this diet I have realised I have a food addiction, I would never have admitted it before.

Yesterday I felt terrible, but that was the first time I felt like that & I am just completing week 9, so that ain't bad.

I actually felt worse when doing other diets, because sometimes I didn't lose enough so I would console myself with food, or if I did do well, I would reward myself with food.

With LL you are taught to reward yourself with non food items.

LL is changing my thought processes, making me think about what I should be doing, how I'm doing it. This is what food addicts need.
Thanks guys -- Like i said i hope no one thought i was being rude - i was just wondering thats all !

well it have given me some ideas!

so have you heavy have you got to be to do this diet ?
or don't it matter?

and what do you do ? -- drink shakes all day thats it
no food what so ever?
or have you got to eat snack bar?

hmmm sorry to many question to ask really --
well i have one in a half stone to go -- so i have not got much to do but does that mean i could not join --

ok just thinking thats all

oh one more question how much is it?
and for shakes?

hmm ok thanks everyone
You have to be at least 3 stone overweight to do the diet; its drinks (shakes & soups) & costs £66 a week. Cambridge diet is simular & half the price but you dont get the therapy & group support with thet. If you go to lighterlife.com all will be revealed!

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