Can i change meetings? Am new :o(


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My MIL has decided to go to WW instead, i'm a little annoyed as i go out of my way totally to accompany her to her SW meetings :sigh: - anyways whats the procedure for switching meetings/groups? Do i just turn up or do i have to contact my current leader??

Thanks in advance x
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I swapped recently. I rung the leader of the new group and said I wanted to swap to hers and she arranged to get my records transferred over but I would thinkk you could turn up and arrange it from there.


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thank you for the info Sue, i'm assuming there wouldnt be a charge or anything for changing over??


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maybe text your old consultant and tell her you need to change meetings that way when you do you wont keep getting letters from her.
speak to the new consultant and tell her you are changing and as long as your book is upto date you chould not be charged to rejoin


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Our C was quite cagey about giving her number out!! Thought that was weird myself but didnt push it, i genuinely don't think she'd remember me anyways as i've only been going 3/4 weeks and she's never spoken to me and looks past me when i speak to her .. maybe a new C would help me be more motivated anyways, might be a blessing in disguise from the MIL


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thank u Suepat!! xx


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Our C was quite cagey about giving her number out!!

I always thought the c's were suppossed to give out their numbers so you can contact them :confused:

There is a place on the front page of your personal progress record ( in the middle of your book) for all their details. Is there anything there.

Maybe i'm wrong, its been known ;):D


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i'll double check again when i get home but i dont think she has her details listed - ta soccermom x


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I'm pleased to hear this - I'm not keen on the class I have paid 6 weeks up front for and will change when they run out.
My consultant always seems to busy to really pay anyone any attention and the hall is freezing - no heat - it's a wonder anyone has stayed for the class the last couple of weeks!


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My C is fab i txt her all the tiome and she will either txt bk or ring me!! really supportive,, you should defo move groups x