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Can I come back?


Strong women stay slim
Welcome back Mochaj
Another crack at it , good for you :)


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Welcome back mocha, i'm also back on a restart so good luck and look forward to hearing about your losses x
Hey welcome back, dont worry you'll shift that 2 stones in no time :)
welcome back mocha and good luck with it all again. I too am restarting on second day now.. have very little energy but I know that wont last long nothing compared to the overindulgence i had been doing since slipping off the wagon!


has started again!!
Hey! I came back to Minis about 3 weeks ago, with a very similar story! I had regained several stones after losing 8 with LL!! :(

BUT......... everyone here is so lovely & welcoming I felt like I was back home almost at once!! :) :)

So, welcome & good luck too!!!


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Thank you for all the warm welcomes! I'm feeling quite motivated now. I've taken the first step and emailed my CDC to see if she will take me on again :) I still have enough packs to last a couple of weeks anyway so I've started today!

I hope she'll continue to supply me with packs as it's a 5 hour round trip to the nearest CDC if she doesn't :eek:

Now for the brave bit. I weighed in this morning and I am 13st 2.5lbs. At my lowest I got to 11st 6.5lbs and my goal was 10st 7lbs. So I gained 1st 10lbs. That is going to disappear starting now!


Just about on the wagon!
Hi Mochaj - welcome back! Well done for coming back - I'm doing it too if you want a buddy??

I lost 4st just over a year ago, and since then I've gone straight back to how I was before, and managed to get myself 3lbs heavier than my original start weight. Well done me! :cry:

I really got myself in a good place and did hypnotherapy to stop me seeing every tiny bit of food as a treat - I actually started seeing it as fuel! I even went to America over Christmas and lost 5lbs!!! But, I stopped practicing and reinforcing the techniques, started eating again, and yada yada yada here I am again. :break_diet:

So for the thousandth time (and last time!) I have started again. I've been weening myself in as it's so hard restarting. I am doing my 3 packs and my 4 litres, but for the first 5 days I was having chocolate too - I know, I know, that's no good, but it's the only way I've been able to get past day 2. So now, I had my first weigh in today, and I've lost 4lbs! I'm really pleased as I'm not in ketosis obviously due to the chocyness, but I'm now comfortable completely SSing. I know this is the wrong way of doing things, but it's got me to week 2.

I've also set myself much smaller goals. In an ideal world I'd love to be 5 stone lighter, but that's too scary. So I have my best friend's hen night at the end of the month, and I'd like to be a stone lighter, but more importantly, it's her wedding in 2 months and I'd like to work hard and lost 2 stone by then. Then, and only then, will I readjust my goal for another stone, and another .... :)

I hope you are stronger than me! But if not, then remember we know it works, we know we can do it, and if we're actually ready to do it (which we must be by coming on here and starting), then we WILL do it again. We just have to remember that it's possible to slip, so we need to make this our last time, and our best time!

Good luck to you, and to everyone else!!! :character00238:

L xx


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It's amazing how weight can slip back on when not posting and staying focussed. This is it for me -I have just signed back in for the May challenge and my goal is not to let one day slip without focussing on it -right until I reach goal-about 44 pounds!


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Day 1 went well :) I kept reading stuff here on minis while I was supposed to be doing work emails ;)

Thanks for all the support! Now I have to just keep reading and posting here and I will be fine. I know it will work!

Good news is... I got a reply to the email I sent to my CDC and she was very encouraging. I can still get my packs from her, so I dont have to do a 5 hr round trip to get them :)


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