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Can I do extra easy every day?


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Hi all,

I've just joined slimming world online and i'm trying to read through how the diet works. I've lost 2st 4lbs on cambridge diet so far and i'm ready to move on to a healthy eating plan now. I still have 3 1/2st to lose.

I like the sound of the extra easy plan but can I follow that every day? Also can I take xenical whilst on slimming world?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Yep - it's absolutely fine to do Extra Easy every day. Just remember that with all of the SW plans, you won't see the very quick weight loss you've had with the Cambridge Diet - 1-2lbs a week is the norm.

Xenical - the SW plans are low fat anyway, so as long as you stick to the plan plus the guidelines your doctor has given you about fat content, you should be ok. Best to double check with your GP, pharmacist or weight management clinic if you're unsure. Have you been taking Xenical alongside CD?

Good luck with your journey!


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Hi, i'm still trying to find my feet with the different plans on SW. It's all a bit confusing (i'm easily confused I know!). I didn't take xenical while on cd as I don't think it would have made much difference to my weight loss on it. I realise the losees are going to slow right down to maybe half of what I was losing on CD but I realised that i'm in this for the long run, I didn't have a particular "goal" to work towards such as a wedding or anything, I just want to lose the weight for good.

It's going to take me bit of time to work out SW to be honest as with CD it was all pretty straightforward, you ate your 3 things and a day and drank water and that was it lol! Although I must say I am totally enjoying being able to eat again! I only did the internet sign up as I thought it was easier but thinking now i should have joined a class just to have it all explained to me.
I follow the Extra Easy plan only, its the reason I joined as the whole green day red day thing never appealed to me. I have lost 12 pounds in 4 weeks so far and this is the easiest plan I have ever followed!
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Roz V

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So glad someone else says it's confusing, I thought I was the only one - loads in my Group seem to be able to quote "chapter and verse" off the top of their heads, whereas I'd be saying to hubby "shall we have such and such tonight?" and he'd reply "can't, we're on Green".

BUT we've both reached Target on the plan, and have maintained for 3 months now. We don't think of it as a diet at all, just our new way of eating for life, so it sounds ideal for you. We both feel that the support of a Group is very valuable - we still go every week, and get a lot out of meetings - Target members don't pay!

We echo Paperclip - can you get to a Group?

Whatever you decide, very best of luck. You'll find loads of help and support on this Forum - think I'm addicted!
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I think it's more the cost of going to a group now as i've just shelled out £60 for online and then the cots of the weekly group and the nearest ones to me are 16mls away so that's 32mls extra per week in petrol too. I also work shifts so I could end up missing some of the group sessions and obv still have to pay for the ones I missed.

I am soooo lazy with my cooking which is half the battle. I love M&S food and just wish there was some kind of plan I could follow that would tell me how good/bad things from there are lol!


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If you work shifts and register as a shift worker with SW, you don't have to pay for the meetings you miss because you're working. You just need to tell your SW consultant in advance (let her know your rota) and all will be fine.

I understand that paying for both isn't ideal, but you could just go along for the new member chat, listen and then choose not to join!

Otherwise, I'd recommend EE as I found a lot easier to understand as a SW newbie. No more rules about you can't have X with Y, etc etc - it's simple...

1. Is it on the free list for green or red? Yes? Eat as much as you like as it's free on EE.

2. If it's not on either of the free lists, it must have syns. How many? The lower of the two published values for green/red. Just don't eat more than 15 syns a day!

3. Have one healthy extra from each A and B (from either red or green lists).


Still hungry? Back to step 1 - free food!

Am I right in saying that Extra Easy means if it was a free food on Red or Green then its Free on extra easy. You dont need to worry if its a red free or a green free.
That explains it much better thanks! I've printed off all the pages for free foods, super free, syns and healthy extras for EE days so that should make it a bit easier for me to choose what to have. I had a massive prawn salad for lunch so i'm really full up now! Kinda dreading weighing myself next Sat as I know that I will have gained in the first week coming off CD and on to this but hopefully I will catch myself up the following week.

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