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Can I do it?

Hi everyone,

Well im hoping to go to the docs this week to ask to be put back on xenical again. I've been on it twice before, first time I lasted a few weeks and gave up and 2nd time I fell pg. I need to lose 4 1/2 stone just to get to a healthy weight range but ideally want to lose a stone on top of that. I've just had twins 13wks ago and have a 4yr old and 3yr old too and have had 3 c-sections so have a massive overhang, I would love to have an apronectomy but there's no chance I will get it on NHS in my area esp with the budget cuts and can't afford it myself, I guess that's part of why I never bother to lose weight as I know I will still have this horrible overhang that wastes clothes ect for me anyway.

I really want to ose the weight but never seem to muster enough willpower and the goals always seem so far away. I hate the way I look and more so the way I feel, I have zero confidence and take no pride in myself at all. I used to always wear nice clothes and shoes and have my hair and make done, now I wear the same trousers that fit almost every day and the same 2/3 t-shirts, I hardley ever wear my hair down and I could count on one hand how many times i've worn make-up. I walk with my head down as I feel like people are looking at me, im the biggest i've ever been and im only 5ft 2 so it really shows. I hate seeing people ive not seen for a while as you can always see the shock on their faces.

I know my doc will be supportive and will give me the pills but can I really do it? I joined a slimming classa couple of months ago and only lasted a few weeks then never went back.
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Violet is shrinking
If you want it bad enough, then you will do it!!

good luck!
hey if I can do it, you can too, I just started last monday and I'm hoping I can stick things out this time as I've tried every diet under the sun and failed.
let us know how you get on at the docs, xx


Violet is shrinking
The great thing about Xenical, is that it's so much of a diet, but more of a lifestyle change. You can eat nice meals, you just need to find the lower fat alternatives..and a small treat now and again, it's a great way to change your habits.
Good luck!
hey there like mentioned here xenical is a change in the way we live its + its easier than you think to stick to it once you see what you can and cant eat theres so much and you need to make sure you dont let yourself go hungry xx
Thanks to all of you for the replies! Went to the docs last Fri and she gave me the prescription straight away, she was really nice. Starting today eek! Anyway I asked again about the apronectomy and she said that although the answer would normally be a straight no, she would def put a case forward for me as it effects me (mentally) so badly, also that I have had infections in my scar and i've had 4 children through c-sections in under 5yrs so there's no amount of excersise wouls help it no matter how much weight I lose it will always be there. She said that obv I have to concentrate on losing the weight first but she would trey for me although there is still no guarentee I would get it.

Pink - i've been following your progress, you are amazing! Such an inspiration, was really mad that you have to fight for your body lift but happy for you that you got your tt in the meanwhile, you look fantastic!
thankyou and congrats on your prescription , you have nothing to fear take it step by step and look at packets, never go hungry and enjoy what you do it :p.

if you need any more help or advice just shout my way , or post and someone will help this site is amazing :).

i know i have to wait to hear about everything else but omg not sure i want surgery again with this pain haha.. its a lot worse then i though , and im so bored sitting at home all the time.. but it shall be worth it ,

as far as your concerned , loose what they say you must and go and see your doc again or a diff doc in the surgery and just keep trying they are not the decision makers its the surgeons and the pcts. so dont feel worried just yet xx

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