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Can I eat...

Quinoa flour (meal) - is that ok in phase one? I never tried it but I found it today... and I thought it might be a handy thing for adding into pancakes or something?

Also found: Soya flour - can I use that in phase one? I have seen yummy looking waffle recipes that use it at least.

I also found, Quinoa crackers! They are listed as carbs: 74,9 per 100 gram (the whole pack is 150gms and theres about 4 crackers) Fibre is 3.9. How do I work out carbs on something like this?

And if I make, for example, a MiM for breakfast, is it too much to have the crackers at lunch with like, smoked salmon and salad? Or is that too much and I should just have the smoked salmon and salad?

I know I will get this eventually but at the moment i am struggling with working out carbs, counting them, and knowing what to eat...

Does anyone know of a good iphone app for that?

help! :confused: :)
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74g per 100g is way way way too high for induction. If you meant 7.4 per 100g then there would be about 3 g carbs per cracker in a 150g pack with 4 crackers in (I think, my mental arithmetic isn't up to much).

We don't deduct the fibre in the UK - all our packaging already lists the net carbs.

Honestly? I wouldn't have a mim and a cracker on the same day. I wouldn't have more than one 'fake' flour type thing in one day either. The diet isn't really about trying to have lower carb versions of what you're used to, and a lot of people have problems with the 'fake' stuff (stalling their loss or too much fibre leading to toilet troubles etc). If you're having lots of different things and you stall or have an issue it's much harder to pick out what might be causing it.

That said, I have some low carb bread and pasta replacements. Right now I'm keeping them to a very small helping around twice a week. Not saying you shouldn't have them at all, just try not to rely on them. With Atkins you need to be eating enough fat and protein too so make sure they're not replacing those aspects.

Quinoa flour I don't know about but I know grains like quinoa aren't meant to be eaten until owl. I think the best thing to do with flours is to look up the recipes using them and they should give you the carb count per portion on there.

(I think soya flour is utterly disgusting tasting, btw. Looks okay, tastes like catsick. Definitely do not expect it to taste anything like the normal version).
:) Ok thanks for the advice, back to the drawingboard for me!

oh but I did mess up, I meant about 40 crackers in the packet not 4....
ok, seems I need my hand held while I get my head around what I should eat, how does this sound then for so far today:

1 MiM with no sweetner or cinnamon just a small amount of fresh chives added, with some cream cheese on (breakfast

Leafy green salad mixed with 100gm smoked salmon plus on small haas avocado, about 40 grams of mozerella, a drop of olive oil and white vinegar and a teaspoon of cream cheese (lunch)

Am I on the right track? And how do I add up the carbs in these? I am too used to the WW points counting I think...
I pretty much steered clear of anything like that, plain meat and green leaf veggies it was for me

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