Can I eat?


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Can I eat tuna fish on this diet, I know i have told no, ind i know people have said that there are things you can yeat, surly on a 40gram of carbs a day diet, there are another 10-20 carbs for most peopel that tey can consume before goign out of ketosis, does anyone have any experience "cheating" on this diet.

I know it sounds bad, but i just need to chew something!
You cant eat anything - cheating eventually means you end up cheated. If you were allowed a little bit of this or that then it would make up the rules....

HORRID - I know, but the urge to do does pass.... Or you could make some crisps out of a savoury pack????

Stay strong
Luv Clare
Trouble with cheating is once you start its more difficult to stop. The people who have had the best experience of this diet have not cheated at all, just head down and got on with it others like myself decided a little nibble wont do no harm but it did. Not on the scales but in my head, it was "darn ive cheated might as well have some more" and it is so hard to return to solesourcing once youve done that. Dont ruin it for yourself over a bit of fish.
I see what you mean, but scientificly, is there not a certain amount you could consume, would the protein in the fish kick you out of ketosis
Not to sound harsh, cos I know this diet is difficult (I am doing CD) but if there was anything you were allowed to eat you would be told about it

LL is you really want to sabotage £66 a week for a measly piece of fish?!
Scientifically the tuna would not kick you out of Ketosis and you could realistically eat some everyday and still lose weight but emotionally you will know that you havent stuck to the plan and that portion of tuna that you got away with will turn into tuna and just a 2 finger kit kat and more. Stick to the rules, they do work.

Thank you for all the advic,e i see what your sayiong, the idea of no food, is because i am overweight now, it means i dont know when to stop eating, and it will get out of control, so by not eating at all, i know what i can and what i cannot eat.

Had a look at the before and after pictures, well sone evryone!