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Can I gate crash please?


Call me Linzi...
I am new to this forum & I am on day 5 of my diet but now have a few questions & not sure where to look for answers...

I have started back on a diet I did in 2006 & I lost 7 stone in 4 months (google Dr Cohens 1st Personal Diet for details). Its a very restrictive diet of 400-600 cals per day with a limited selection of proteins, vegetables & fruit per day. The only 'carb' is crackerbread.
I have done fairly well this week but have had a few cheats, bigger portion of steak, some cheese, which aren't allowed on Cohens.
I got some ketostix today which show I am in ketosis... the thing is I have had a really bad headache (which is why I've had extra cheese & crackerbread b'coz thats a well known cure for headaches :rolleyes:)
I know I should stick to the diet but its so hard 2nd time round & before by this time the headaches had gone! Are they just a sign of being in ketosis & perhaps b'coz I've not been 100% is why they are lasting longer?

I'm craving a quorn jalfrezi tonight (which isn't on Cohens) & am debating if I should just go on an Atkins style diet? Or is this just me copping out again on sticking thru the hard part?

Also what is the effect of alcohol (say 1-2 vodka & tonics) when in ketosis?

I guess I am just looking for someone to either kick me up the backside & say stick to Cohens you've got this far.... or say do Atkins is just as effective & easier?

Someone help I'm one very confused ditzeeblonde!!!!!! :cry:
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Call me Linzi...
Hi Dancing

Thanks for responding. I stayed on the straight & narrow after having a kick up the butt from another member & I'm so pleased that I did!

Have had a good day today been 100% on track!

As for the headaches who knows, never have drunk caffeine & drink 4-5 litres of water per day! Could've been one of those days like you say!

Thanks again... did you check out Cohens?


Silver Member
i had a few headaches to start with, i think water really helps, i now drink 4 litres & no more headaches....:)

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