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Can i go naked?!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weekly Weigh In' started by StephieShrinks, 24 January 2012 Social URL.

  1. That way there's gotta be a loss??! Surely?! Lol

    First weigh in tonight, after one week on SW :-D 5 clear days :) 2 slightly dodgy ones :-/

    I've exercised my butt off too (haha, well evidently not actually, as my butt is well and truly still here! But you know what I mean.... ;-) )

    Praying for a loss, something, anything! I need it to keep me on track! (Come on Diet Fairies!)


    Will update in a few hours!

    Steph xxxxxx

    7lb down 25lb to go!! Sent from my iPad using MiniMins
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  3. One teeny, tiny, weeny pound off. :-(

    Hope you guys did better than I did


    7lb down 25lb to go!! Sent from my iPad using MiniMins
  4. lollypop1985

    lollypop1985 Gold Member

    i love this post, i always we could go naked, if only the scales where in a little changing cubicle where you can strip off and then get dressed again :)
    well done at least it was a loss
  5. SWLizzy

    SWLizzy Full Member


    I must admit that I try and wear the lightest clothes possible, I even found myself thinking last night...'If I take my glasses off, will it make a difference?!?'

    So silly

  6. cydonamc

    cydonamc Full Member

    lol.... i could only imagine everybody stripping off and trying to balance on one toe on the scales,, im sure we'd do it if we could:).. a lot of the girls and myself included wear light clothes if possible and one girl told me yesterday she went out and brought lighter underwear!!!! lol... it worked for her as she was down:)
  7. SWLizzy

    SWLizzy Full Member

  8. lollypop1985

    lollypop1985 Gold Member

    how funny. i also try to wear the lightest clothes possible and to be honest i try to wear the lightest knickers lol
  9. Nay.

    Nay. Bum as big as my Horse's!

    Maybe if I got rid of the winter coat on my legs, I might weigh less next week!!!! ;)
  10. Mirrakel

    Mirrakel Full Member

    Haha love the title.
    I tell ya its amazing what goes through my mind before weigh in.
    I go to the loo at least 3 times in the run up, wear light clothes, blow my nose, cut my fringe.... LOL! :D
    I do wear pretty much the same thing every week though, I dont want to chance it. Silly.
  11. Maddysmum

    Maddysmum Gold Member

    If you cut back on food & done soooo much exercise, your body is prob hanging onto its food for energy so it may be a couple of weeks before you suddenly get a decent loss but in the meantime measure your body - you may well see inch loss before the scales move (and that much more motivating)
  12. sally28

    sally28 Full Member

    I never wear a padded bra ;) and defo not thick socks!! Always just leggings and a strap top haha x i'm obsessed!
  13. Liz Rayment

    Liz Rayment Full Member

    one of the reasons i home weigh is so i can do my WI with no clothes on as i dont want even the tiniest bit of weight from clothes. I also make sure i've been to the bathroom before hand. Every little helps :)

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