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can i have 2 shakes rather than 3?

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I was wondering the same thing.
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I'm no expert but i know there's only 425 cals in 3 shakes and all the vitamins you need in the 3 don't think i'd want to go below that few cals a day :eek:

debz x


I will do this!!!
Basically no. The 3 shakes are made specially to keep the body healthy and working. If you reduce the shakes you'll reduce what the body is taking in. Its a definatly a bad idea to not take the recommended 3 shakes.


I will do this!!!
Iv missed shakes before and my doctor (who i do the diet through) basically said it can hinder the weight loss just like not drinking enough water can. Definatly take the 3 shakes, if you do forget one dont panic but try not to make it a habit as it really doesn't help like you think it would.


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dont panic as a one off, we have all (maybe) done it.

But dont do it on a regular basis.

The shakes give you the minimum you need for a days nutrition. Below that your body goes into starvation mode which means it conserve even the most meagre of calories. Even LT!! When you come off LT your body will again conserve! So for the best effect take your 3 shakes a day and drink at least 2l of fluids on top of your shakes!!

Good luck!!
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I can only echo what Theresa said. The shakes are developed to give you all the vitamins and minerals you need to be/stay healthy so you need to have them all otherwise your body can go into starvation mode and then you won't lose weight.

However missing one won't hurt as long as it is not a regular accurance. We all do it - I often forget my last one and end up having a yummy chocolate one just before bed. A particularly nice way to end the day!



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don't worry i have done this loads of times before (naughty i know - but not deliberate!) it doesnt hinder weightloss but i imagine if you did it every other day or something you would get weak.

don't panic that you missed one, but try not to!! xxx
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I've been really struggling to get my shakes into me as well actually but am aware I need them all. I've went days with NONE! Which is crazy. Always had me water though. Actually now that i think of it, that could be why my weight loss seems to have stalled since day 5. Missing days has prob sent my body into starvation mode. I need to wise up methinks.
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If you want to stay healthy, then be sensible and have all 3 shakes.


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If you want to stay healthy, then be sensible and have all 3 shakes.
took the words right out of my mouth, as meatloaf said.

missing the odd one on a very very very rare occasion won't hurt - but it's crucial to get all the nutrition.

if you find you're missing on a regular basis why not 'pool' your shake powder and have two larger shakes? yes it takes some prep work but it means you're being healthy as poss :)

also, always ensure you have a sachet with you so there's then no excuse for missing. all you need is a 500ml bottle half full of water and shake away :)

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