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Can I have a winge?

Grrrrr, my friend and colleague decided she wanted to do CD when I started, so I got her started. We decided not to tell others we work with as you know what the questioning can be like

Well anyway, she's decided to quit after another week. So there we were today, went to lunch as it was someone's leaving do. She was complaining to others what she couldn't eat so then everyone was listening, she then says she's stopping it cos she doesn't feel well on it and she's going to lose weight
"in a more healthy way" :mad:
but that I am still doing it!

well thanks... I then had then to endure comments during lunch from colleagues about my food choices and the evils of low carb ( didn't say it was VLCD as they'll be watching my every sip from now on!)

I am not going to give up, but I wish I had shut my gob and not told my friend about VLCD, because now people know... and God! doesn't everyone have an opinion on food and dieting:mad:

Winge over:)
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Oh my god, some people are so insensitive! Fair enough if she didnt get on with it but she didn't need to go on about it and especially didn't need to bloody tell your colleagues! You poor thing, I hope people don't give you too much hassle! It's such a pain going through all the bloody questions! x
Thankyou Bunnyg!

Well I will just have to cross those bridges when I come to them!

Just winged to me other half! and he's supportive. Blimey though, you try not to tell people stuff but as soon as you don't have the dessert and refuse alcohol, gals particularly smell a rat and the continual questions and opinions about how it's ok to give in to the chocolate pudding...when they are 8 stone and you are 17 stone

It's not very helpful!
thankyou Milena, I wouldn't tell anyone unless they have had a lot of weight to lose or have done VLCD, because there's only so many times you can take someone telling you just to eat less and move more!
I don't care I have lost a stone and I will lose another 3 before Christmas and my colleague won't have.
That's one of the worst things for me "surely you can just have a little bit"! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I can't now leave me alone! ha!

Well hopefully they will get bored of pestering you. It's your life, your body, your choice x
The way I view CD... Its not a long term *healthy* thing, if you did it forever of course your body would suffer and eventually wither away. It's a solution to get to a healthy weight and then learn how to eat again in a healthy way.. CD doesn't pretend to be a long term solution and I figure getting weight off quicker means you'll be healthier for longer.. getting weight off with a healthy diet works for some people and good for them! but for me I cheat, I need regimented routines.. and CD provides that. No matter what people say you know your OWN body and mind and what's better for you and if CD works.. then up theirs.
CD doesn't pretend to be a long term solution and I figure getting weight off quicker means you'll be healthier for longer.. getting weight off with a healthy diet works for some people and good for them! but for me I cheat, I need regimented routines.. and CD provides that.
Absolutely - for me, having 14 stone to lose I just don't think I could cope with the slow weight loss, whereas CD is about getting the weight off first, then tackling the issue.

Chin up hun x
Hi hun, take this as a challenge rather than a problem, stick with it, we are all here to offer support, we are all sailing in the same boat, if you need inspiration, motivation or a winge... :) just log on and get it off your chest, you'll feel better instantly! day by day, week by week, your friend will look at you and start to realise what a t**t she was... pardon my french... :) Good luck, together we will do it! Chin up and lets look to a brighter, healthier, skinnier future!
They sound like typical uneducated people who dont have a clue what there on about. Please ignore them, i have been getting this a lot this week after my husband let it slip and you just have to let it in one ear and out the other.
You are loosing weightin the healthy way and quicker then your friend will do!xxxxx
thankyou all! I am so happy to have found this site! I don't feel like an alien in an alien land when I am here. Everyone understands. Everyone has been there. Damb it! I will do it this time. It is too important to me. I will not die of something related to heart problems or diabetes as my closest one have. I will not! I will bl**dy well do it this time!

thankyou again for your responses, felt a bit lonely at the table today, I have the strength again to do SS+ this weekend and look forward to my substantial weight loss by the end of the month

angie-bum xxxxx


Loves being slim!
Good on you. Don't let it bother you.
I said before, for me it's like giving myself a clean slate. I'll get my weight to the correct level, then begin on the maintaining with exercise and eating right, but I can't do all 3 over a long time, I'd lose the will to live.
This is a regimented solution, and it's hard at times, but for some of us it's the only way.

I was skinny, really skinny until 5 years ago, and I harped on about how I'd like to put weight on but couldn't (I didn't eat less than I do now. More in fact.) How it couldn't be that hard to lose weight, and yes even said the old "Oh a little bit won't hurt"
Well more fool me. Hitting 13st+ (Twice my weight at that time) knocked me silly. I'd never think that way again, but till you've tried to lose weight and realised it's not all walking more and eating less for everyone you can't understand. No matter how much you think you do.

So you carry right on, ignore the temptresses, and any disaproval. It's a lack of knowledge thats all. You're doing well!
I'm so glad I found this forum too!


Don't worry, be happy :)
I have a sneaky feeling that your 'friend' was trying to sabotage your diet as she knew it would make it harder for you once evryone knew. Just because she failed she wanted to bring you down with her, after all misery loves company!

If anyone says anything about you being on cd and how its bad beacuse your losing weight so quick,not getting proper nuitrtion etc, just ask then if they think it was healthy when you were gaining weight rapidly and eating crap with empty calories?

They'll be sorry when your a skinny minny at xmas time :D.
good on you

i'm lucky i don't have that much to lose, so i told my family and friends straight away

as i didnt' want anyone passing comments when i was out drinking water.

I'm of on a day out to wembley tomorrow, and with me being on water i decided to drive, rather than getting the coach.

If they know so what, i'd just sit back and wait for the results
"I'll get my weight to the correct level, then begin on the maintaining with exercise and eating right, but I can't do all 3 over a long time, I'd lose the will to live". Uniqua....

Too right! yeah no one was arguing with me when I chose to come home and scoff chocky and 3 packets of crisps back to back cos the secretary was being her usual unhelpful, miserable self, but now I want to eat less calories, my! everyone has an opinion! no one cared when I mainlined on quavers and wotsits!!!
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Think that your friend is jealous she cant stick it and hopes that you will give in to.Just imagine her face when you have lost loads and she is still talking about doing it !!!:)


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aw hon. they will get over it. i just tell people my doctor knows about it and if there is any cause for concern then they would know.

it also doesn't hurt when you don't correct people (as i didn't) when they start referring to your cdc as your 'nutritionist' :D

abz xx


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I say Ditto to what Little Red said- misery truly loves company. I have learned not to share that I am on a diet with anyone except, my mother who wants me healthy and is so supporive, and my 2 best friends.

When people ask me do I want to eat I just say I already have, and I am full already, It usual works likes a charm, If you say your on a diet people are always trying to shove food down your throat. Stay Strong and prove them all wrong especially your jealous Co-Worker. I wouldnt even let her know I am still on it ;), I would just continue the diet, not talk about it to anyone and get slim and Fabulous and watch how all your coworkers Jaws drop :eek:. At least that is what I am doing at my job :D Good luck:)
it is a good idea to say you have just eaten

cos no one seems to like anyone to be on a diet...just try a bit, a bit wont hurt.....ahhhhhhhhhh!

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