Can I Join in the Fun Please? Restarter as of 2/1/07.


I have no idea if this is going to work as am a newbie, so here goes....I am a restarter - lost more than 8 stones on LL 2005/2006 and have steadily put on about 4 stones since. I tried to do CD several times last year, vowed never ever to try it again as I just could not get passed day 5..... so here I am doing it again :D . But this time I have my old determined feeling back (famous last words, eh) and am looking forward to sharing mine and your experiences this time round (although I must confess, last time I did a lot of lurking on the 'other' site and feel I know some of you well already).

Day 2 for me today and so far, so good.
Hi Luna - of course you can join in - Know exactly what you mean about giving CD a wide berth - I swore to myself that 2007 would not catch me any where near CD - but here I am - but yes it does somewhat feel different - Hope the feeling lasts as I am only on Day 3.

Take care
Keep up the good work honey. With all the support on here you'll be fine xxxxxxx
Well done Luna for making a conscious decision to be successful again.:)

I too am going to be a re-starter with a similar story to yourself - lost 5st on LL in 2005/2006, only to off the rails and put about at leaset 2.5 back on - not weighed myself yet.:eek:

Am aiming to join you from the 22nd Jan - its my birthday on the 16th - a poor excuse I know.:eek:

So good luck to you - keep going and be an inspiration for me.:) :) :)

Take care

Me Too

I did LL last year and lost 2 stone - however due to very high stress levels I overate and have gained one of the two stones I lost. I got on the scales and Day 1, I weigh 11.10. I am looking to get to 9.7 and by 20 April when I go on holiday to Canada. I also start a new job in March and want to look half decent!

Day 1 Start weight = 11.10 (want to lose 31lb!)
Thanks everyone. Not that I want to revel in anyone's failure but it's nice to have people in the same boat! I also forgot to add my stats (where's the 'I'm a dumbass' emoticon??)

Start weight: 13st 10lbs
Height: 5ft 6ins
Target weight: Not sure - between 10 - 10.5 stones
Welcome Luna!

Another re-starter here .... 2nd Jan :)
Hi Luna and welcome. Well done for taking the plunge and re-starting again, it's not always easy but if you've got your head in the right place you'll be up, up & away.:)

Nice to see you again too Shazza, are you back Fitbugging as well - haven't seen you around there for a while either.

Welcome to the friendliest forum ive found!! Im a restarter to as of 2nd jan, so will see you around. Sarahxx.
I'm another Jan 2nd restarter ...... so join in! No more lurking!!! Get a diary started and when you want to see progress look back and see what you've achieved.

Good luck!!
Thanks for the kind comment Luna: it came at just the right time as I'm going mad with hunger and feeling a bit pi**ed off. You helped me to re-focus on what's important. :)

It's definitely harder this time around but I know what's got to be done and am hanging on for dear life!

Hope all my fellow travellers are doing OK xx
Russiandoll - know what you mean about the hunger - my stomach is churning with it atm! But you and I know what's to be done so let's get on with it (and I'll hold your hand if you'll hold mine :) ).

Thanks for the starting a journal idea - I've always read them but just never gave myself the opportunity to do it. Even though I am back at square one I feel I know a little too much about vlcds and am curious to see if off-loading on-line will help me this time!