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Can I join the WeMITTS


Trying Hard!


Serial Foodie!
welcome to the wemitts!

what diet r u following? well done on day 2. hope u find lots of support and inspiration here.



Serial Foodie!
d'oh! u r on CD. silly me.

i am too and have a little less than u to lose so we can cheer eachother along!



Trying Hard!
how long have you been on it Karen?

(of course I will know this once I post and see your signature probably)

mrs tweedy

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Hi Emma, and a great big welcome to the wemitts.

Well done on getting to day 2 unscathed (it does get easier)!

We've all experienced what you have (having to lose lots of weight) and have all experienced the extra trials and tribulations that are unique to those of us with lots of weight to lose so we can offer you all the love and support you'll need on your journey, CD is fantastic and in no time that weight will be practically flying off you!

So keep posting, keep glugging the water, and keep positive (the first few days are the hardest and after that it will be smooth sailing all the way)!

Best of luck hun, looking forward to getting to know you better xx


I STILL mean it!
A very warm welcome to the WeMitts Emma. This time last year I also had half my body weight to lose. It's gone now, and I'm a Cambridge Counsellor. What a difference a year makes. Come on here for support, and to help others, keep drinking the water and you'll lose all the weight that you want to. It's not easy, but it IS worth it. This is a life long journey for all of us - I know it is just as hard for me to keep the weight off now as it was to lose it in the first place. We NEED eachother. Keep posting, and look forward to getting to know you.
Ann xxx


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hi emma, welcome!

i started cd on 16 nov and so far ive lost 34lbs (official weigh in for this week sat so will up date ticker then) i had a break for 2 weeks so this is really me starting at week 1 again, phew! what a waffle!

ive now got 10 stone to lose (instead of 12) and im feeling soooooo much better than when i started last year. stick with it and you ll get there. good luck xx


Serial Foodie!
ive just re-started as i lapsed for my birthday and have a new CDC (as of monday)

have been losing and regaining the same stone since xmas so am starting fresh with no blips! my advice to u as a new starter is dont fall off the wagon cos its a pain to get the momentum back!

welcome to the wemitts. xxxxxx


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Hi Emma welcome to the weMITTS, well done on doing 2 days....I am doing Lipotrim a bit like cd but not as much choice.......Hope you do well and keep posting and let us know how you are doing.


Trying Hard!
wow thanks for the really warm welcome.

ann - you are so inspirational - well done - I hope that in the future I can post how much I have lost.

I am surprised how well I am adapting to the CD, I find myself thinking about food all the time but instead of just eating I am thinking about why I want some and drinking some water and realising that there are other things I could do instead. hope I can stay this positive


Trying Hard!
you can see by my ticker but just in case. i lost 15lbs in the first week. I am so stoked!!!


wowee well done emma brilliant weight loss i expect your well pleased with yourself how about treating yourself to something each week like i do, even something small but that you wouldnt normally have such as glossy magazine or luxury bath oils etc it works for me and i then still have something to look forward to (which doesnt involve food !) :D :D :D


Serial Foodie!
well done! one stone u dont have to ever re-visit! xxxx


Trying Hard!
thanks girls. and emma - great idea, I will think of something fab for next monday.