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can i join you all? :) 1 week down!! :)

Hi all,

Im a newbie! Decided to join as have no motivation whatsoever and need your help please:wave_cry:
Decided to start ww this morning as I got a wii fit plus for xmas and was shocked into action by my weight I thought I was about 4stone lighter!!
My aim is to get from 15stone to 11 by mid july which gives me about 2lb to lose each week-hope this is achievable?!
Done my first full day and im struggling already-used all my pints and im still starving so any tips would be good other than sewing my mouth shut!!
Kel xx
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Hi and welcome to the WW board you'll find great support here.

Its hard to get started but don't beat yourself up. If you don't make your points on day 1, well there are other days just don't give up and eventually you'll get in the swing of it.



Is in the Zone
Hi Kelly

Welcome! You'll find lots of motivation and support here (although it's a bit quiet at the moment!)

First few days can be a struggle - but the first weeks loss is worth the struggle :)

Good luck - you can do it - 2lbs a week is very doable if you stick to your points and exercise :)

Thanks for your replies :)
well today hasnt gone that badly,been rushed off my feet so had no time to think about snacks! even went to a party for tea and stuck to salad prawns and hummous! although had a large glass of wine :p
I wish I could just fast forward a few weeks so im in the routine...now tryin to think what to take to work for lunch......
Hi all
Happy new year!! Doing really well on this plan im surprised how well im coping! Love ww online ive just sat and done a shoppng list so I can be good this week, also had a sneaky jump on the scales and I have lost 3lb!! official weigh day is monday so I hope I can maintain that-got 8 points left tonight and im racking my brains what to have


Is in the Zone
Hi Kelly

I love online WW too - combined with online shopping it's brilliant for those first few shops when you're still tempted by the baddies :D

Well done on the 3lbs .. hope it's even more for you by Monday!



The mother flippin'
Well done on the loss so far :) If you're struggling try having a curry with 0 point veg for dinner or 0 soup leaving more points for more food! Plus if you get the healthy mince (rather than just lean) you can make really low point chillis and spag bols.


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
Hi Kelly, welcome aboard, well done so far, I have found that the last 7 weeks i've been on ww has flown by and has been really easy to stick too as your not restricted from food at all. You can have a little bit of everything you like and still lose!! BONUS!!! lol..x

Keep up the good work.x


Welcome aboard Kelly!

The advice up to now has been spot on. If you get a bad day just start again the next day. As you get used to your new lifestyle the bad days get fewer and fewer. I was scared into losing weight when the doctor basically gave me a severe wake up call and that helped keep me motivated and I find now that I get a guilt feeling when tempted by food that I shouldn't really be eating. However 2½ stone down I am really enjoying what I eat and feeling a lot better in myself. I dont attend meetings not have an online membership, I just do it myself and that works for me!

A few good finds for me were TLC prawn cocktail (3.5pts), WW tomato soup (1pt) and my favourite dinner these days is:
Ready made mash (3pts)
300g chicken fillet (5pts)
Mixed peppers, red onion, carrots and cherry tomatoes covered in mediterranean veg mix and roasted (1.5pts)
...a total of 9½ points for my main meal!
Thanks all!!
Im feeling really with it today and its exciting working out all the things you can have. Been really good today had....
B- 2xtoast and butter=5 points
L- 1/2 tesco salmon and cucumber sandwich (healthy choices)= 2 points
D- 2x Linda Mccartney sausages
green beans
onion gravy
ww carrot&suede mash =8.5points
Total so far 15.5 so have 7.5left which I may save 4 of as were going for a meal for my dads birthday tomorrow
Think Ive also added 1000 activity points walkin in the snow and humping brochures around at work today lol!!

Im vegetarian, does anyone know if quorn is bad?
Quick update from me tonight just weighed in and lost 4lb!!! :) :) soooo happy!!!
This has really motivated me to stick at it hoping fr 2-3lb this week, thanks for all your advice up to now


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Ah thats great!I nearly gave up on WW after week one cause I didnt think I had lost anything until the WI and that really motivated me! I am a year and a half in now and it has flown by! You will do just great! Quorn is not bad at all, in fact it is quite good. I sometimes have quorn mince cause its lower in points. Invest in a calculator from Ebay then you can just pop the cals and sat fat into that. Good luck angel x


The mother flippin'
Well done, that's a great loss :)

I'm pretty sure that quorn is really low in points. I think some non veggies have it in place of meat just because it's lower in points.
Hi all

Loving ww it fits in so well with my life, just weighed in and lost another 4lb! so chuffed ive never done this well, thats 8lb in 2 weeks hoping for 2lb this week :)

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