Can I Join you all ?


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Can I join the WeMITTS please ?, I started CD on Sunday now is day 3. I weighed in at 19st 3lb :eek: :( .

I need to lose at least 10 stone. Although I am only 5ft so officially its more than that but I can't think of that. It all seems so much and so far away. So I guess I am in this for the long term/slog.

You lot are so inspiring, so will you all share the joys and give me a kick up the bum when needed (probably a lot :D ).

you are very welcome. We are a great group and totally into helping each other. I am taking this in small steps. Started at 20 st 1.5 lb and i am 5 ft 3 in and aim for one stone at a time and don't look at whole picture. In fact i don't know what weight I want to be yet.
Irene xx
Welcome to Tinkerbelle - our newest wemitt!!

Hi Tinkerbelle
Of course you are more than welcome to join us - this group is like a pair of Evans stretchy trousers: ever expanding and still always room for more!! :D

At my heaviest, I was 21st 12lb but started CD on March 24th only marginally less than you at 18st 13lb. I know it seems daunting but like Irene says, if you take your journey a little at a time and focus on some short term goals then it doesn't seem so bad.

It doesn't seem five minutes ago I started with 9st to lose and now I only have 3st 10lb left to go. Stick with us and we'll see you through to your goal and beyond :)

Well done on your first three days under your belt: looking forward to sharing the rest of your journey with you.
I am not sure if I am a wemitt member as I don't post here often (blush) but when I started I was 19st 8lbs I started on the 26th June 2006 and currently weigh 16st 9lbs.
As you can see from everyones tickers it does come off quick.
I am sure you will be made very very welcome.
Well done for getting to day 3 it should start getting easier from now on.
Anyway post away it may be an idea to start a diary in the diary thread so everyone can keep up with you.
If you ever want a private chat pm me ok
Lisa - of course you're a WeMITT .... you've had a lot of weight to lose and you MEAN IT THIS TIME - that makes you a wemitt!! :D

Some people don't post loads but still benefit from just browsing and reading other people's posts - nothing wrong with that.

Just noticed how much you've lost in such a short time .... AWESOME!!!!
Hi Wemitts, just thought I'd catch up. I'm still going strong with the swimming, 30 lengths 5 times a week and I have now lost 16lbs in 6.5 weeks on a cal counting plan, so am pretty chuffed. I have to say I would not still be doing this so enthusiastically if it wasn't for Minmins, it had made such a difference to me. I am now 3 stone less than my all time worst so that feels damn good too! Hope you are all having a good day, love
Barb - That is an AMAZING achievement and stands testiment to the fact that a sensible diet and more exercise can produce great results if it's done with the right approach.

You're so right about the support aspect of ANY weight loss plan: I've fallen by the wayside so many times in the past and I truly believe it was down to the fact I had insufficient support to keep me motivated.
Everyone starts off cheering you on but gradually, nobody asks how you're doing anymore and you feel you're just boring them by 'going on' about your diet. Also, people who don't need a diet don't actually want to hear about it.

On Minimins, there are so many people at various stages of their journeys that you can always be assured of support and encouragement right the way through your diet and beyond into maintenance. I believe that this sort of support could make the difference between success and yet another failed attempt.

Keep up the fab work Barb. I haven't started swimming yet because I simply cannot find a swimsuit that fits or looks right on my odd shape. I'm going out today to have another look around some shops to see what I can find.

Sending you a big cyber bouquet!!
Aw Shucks Debbie, I'm blushing now! Thanks for all your positive input, I know I am going to get there, with everyone's help, it really is a great feeling.
Couldn't agree more - to think that there was a time before Minmins - don't even want to think about it!