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Can I join you all????


Dreaming of being slim!
Hi everyone:)

I have been browsing this forum for a while and have finally taken the plunge to join you all.
I am due to start on the CD on Monday 29th January(getting the packs sorted the week before). This date has been stuck in my mind since before Christmas so I am determined to stick to it!!!
I previously wanted to start before then but funds didnt allow and with 5 small children, for some reason Christmas was pretty expensive;) lol

Anyway-this is my last resort. I dont want to count calories and I dont want to weigh things. I want a straight forward diet that I know what I can and cant have. The first few days will be torture so my husband has kindly booked a few days off to help me out, to cook and send me off for baths when things get hard.

A bit about me..... I am a 25 year old mummy to 5 children aged 6, 3, 3, 16 months, 16 months...
They are what I live for and what drive me insane too:p
I used to have a lovely figure, after the birth of my first son. 6 weeks after his birth I was in spain in a bikini!! Since then though its been all down hill. I have stayed glued to nearly 17 stone and can lose a few stone until the boredom kicks in or I cant make a class or the kids are ill etc
This is my very last chance.
Its my dream to be slim. All my adult life I have devoted myself to children and now its time for a bit of me time!!!
I want to feel like a woman, to make love with the lights on, NAKED lol To walk down the street and have builders whistle at me and to have friends comment on how I am thier inspiration. Not a big fat lump that wears plus sized clothing and looks about 40.

Inside me is a 9 stone, trendy, sexy, cool mummy wanting to break free!!!(maybe I just ate her????)

Look forward to chatting with you all and good luck to everyone and congratulations to those who are at thier goal.

Julie, Leicester x x x x
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Welcome Julie - wow you have a lot on your plate with 2 sets of twins, I really don't envy you. I find my life had enough with ust 2 children. Well done on making the decision to start the diet and kudo's to your husband for his attitude. You'll go far with his backing and encouragement!

Welcome to the forum, the people here are really helpful
i have twins ...they bugger your abdo !! good supportive hubby ...............go for it xx
Welcome Julie, just think if you stick with your CD you WILL be slim by this summer!:eek: :eek: :eek: how fab is that going to be!

and good on your hubby for being so supportive (you will need it over the first few weeks in particular) but after the initial adjustment the diet is surprisingly easy so I know you will do just fine!

Good luck with your weightloss journey.



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Welcome and good luck Julie.

Its good to set a date to start, it would help you if you try and cut down on your carbs and up your water intake before you start, it will help you in the 1st days.

I found I was very tired this week and I was lucky that I dont have any children to tire me out further, its great that your husband is trying to support you.


Dreaming of being slim!
Wow you lot are fast!!!!
I nipped in the kitchen to cook dinner and didnt expect any replies!!

Hubby is a good man, very very supportive. Hppy if I lose weight and happy if I dont. Just doesnt want me to lose my boobs lol Hence why he has promised me a boob job!!! 5 kids has made them head south a touch;)


Dreaming of being slim!
Whats a weemitt???

Also, where cn I look at before and after photo's. I have seen the ones in the night workers forum but wondered if there are anymore?

I check them everyday, better then a good meal I tell you-looking at how amazing these people have done!
FAIR Play to you 5 kids and you are 25!!! Well done you must be so busy !! The weight will fly off you with all the running around you do. I have 2 under 5 and thought I was busy LOL.




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S: 20st4lb C: 19st8lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 0st10lb(3.52%)
I am 26 a mum of 3 aged, 6,4 and 18mths, its bloody hard work when yuo are cooking for them but you will do it and your husband sounds like he will be a fab support. Good luck and I will try to keep up with your posts!
Welcome! It's an exciting journey! I started 3 days ago and luckily have sailed through! I prepared myself for the worst and I think perhaps that helped!?

Anyway, it's great to know that the weight is gonna come off for us!! Lots of luck for the 29th!
Hi Julie

Just wanted to say hello from one twin mum to another! I have 3& half yr old boy/girl twins.
I started CD yesterday (19th) I did it last year for a few months & lost 2 stone & was very pleased with myself when i went to see my woman on wednesday night that i'd only put on 2lbs in about 3 months!! Only another 6 stone to go! But 1stone at a time!
Good luck to you! It is a great diet & definately works!!

Lorraine x
Good luck Julie - I've just finished week 2. Like you I was worried about feeling tired etc cos I have a hectic life and couldn't afford to be less than 100%. Anyway. I've been pleasantly surprised. I felt lousy on day 2 (nausea) but after that it was like someone had injected me with masses of energy and I feel brilliant.

I'm starting CD on Tuesday. I knew before xmas time that i was going to do it but it wasn't the right time so I waited til now. I get my packs monday night, start the diet on Tuesday.

I have a huge amount of weight to lose which is a bit daunting but reading this forum has made me excited cause I'm thinking now that maybe I CAN do it! I hope so anyway.

Good luck to everyone else here who's starting this too and well done to everyone else who has obviously done so well.

Tiara x
WeMITT - We Mean It This Time

I just wanted to wish those starting this week good luck. I've just finished my first week. There's times that it's not easy. But stick with it, it DOES get better. And the results are worth the tough times!
Enjoy being a looser!!
yep - 16lbs. I don't expect to loose that amount every week! I think most of it was water cos I do tend to retain water - probably because of the amount of crap food I ate. Although I've just started CD, I have done LL before (and stupidly put the weight back on, but thats another story). When I did LL, I lost between 3 and 6 lbs a week.
This diet does work, and I actually find it quite easy, because it takes food out of the equation. The hard part was keeping the weight off, (but that was my fault, nothing to do with the diet) - that's why I'm back!!
Good luck
That's fantastic.... Not that you put the weight back on but at losing 16Ibs in one week. Past diets for me took weeks for me to lose that much weight! At the rate you're going you'll not take long to lose the weight again.

I worry that I'd put weight back on too if I am successful but I'll think about it when the time comes. In the mean time I'll concentrate on losing the weight in the 1st place.

I suppose I'd better go to bed now...working tomorrow :( Will catch up with you soon. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone on here. You all seem really friendly :)

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