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can I jump fromss to ss+?????

Can I jump from ss to ss+???will it slow down my weight loss...

I struggled last week so this week have had some chicken with my soup at night....I weighed it etc and its ss+ weight...its made things so much easier but it feels like cheating???

Please tell me its not!!!

wk1 -10
wk2 -3.5
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No hun its not cheatin if you are weighing it out. I have quorn every night and my weight loss speaks for it's self. If you want it you have it, and it is better than have KFC lol


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Hi :)

I opted for SS+ this time instead of SS so that I could use the milk option for coffee and tea. I have found being able to have 4 packs plus the milk has really made a difference.

If you feel that being able to have that bit of chicken is going to keep you in control, then you've go to do what works for you. I have avoided using any conventional food at the mo as I do not yet trust myself around it and that it wouldn't set off cravings and a binge:eek:;)

P.S. Look at my weight loss below for SS+. I've found no difference at all from SS.

Lacey xx :)
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hi isis, wow that weight loss isreally good, im startings week 4 and thinking of ss+ so how exactly does it differ from ss, hw much do u weigh out?


Peggy McParrot
Hi I am on ss+, and still did 6 and half lb loss this week, I find having a small evening meal helps me get through the day, cos I look forward to it. Green and white meal, lots of veg or salad to choose from to suit you too. my cdc said today if ss+ works for me stick to it, so I am............. good luck with whatever you choose
Thats great, your losses are fab...get wi tomorrow so will soon find out.......

a wee bit of chicken in my soup makes it feel like a meal - especially in the chilli soup, almost convinces me im having curry lol!!!!!! - diet must be affecting my brain...

let you all know tmorrow...
Hi all!
Does anyone have a list of veg/salad you are allowed when you go onto ss+?
Ta x
Also how long have you all done on SS before going onto SS+?
I am still in week one of SS and as you can see the only thing getting me through is the thought of moving onto SS+!
I am on SS+ but I have 3 packs and 250ml of milk. In fact I would say it takes me 5-6 days to drink 500ml of skimmed milk. I enjoy the fact I can have tea. I am not going to increase the packs, three is too much at times. I don't want to eat any chicken yet till I don't get to week 13.


Trying very hard!
Also how long have you all done on SS before going onto SS+?
I am still in week one of SS and as you can see the only thing getting me through is the thought of moving onto SS+!

I did ss for four weeks before I moved on. I'm quite tall and didnt think I was active but I might do more than I thought and SS was really wearing me out.
SS+ helped loads, without it I'm not sure I would have carried on, it really gives me something to look forward to!
Just cooked tea for my son and having done so well so far (only on day 3) I've just had a slice of ham and now feel as though I've blown it!! I did resist picking at some of my sons chips but now feel even hungrier!!
Caroline4013 I found day 3 the worst.... I gave in and had a piece of chicken, Weigh in tomorrow so hopefully that wouldnt have made a huge difference, fingers crossed!
Hey ladies, my advice is as follows.... if you have a wobble it is best to wobble with the limits of the aitkens plan in mind, no cardbohydrates..... To let you in on a little secret I wobble every friday evening after i weigh in ......... the first few weeks I admit i loaded up on cardbohydrates but my cdc advised staying clear. Don't look on the negative, so you wobbled for a split second, but you managed to refrain for treats/food for the other 6 days 23 hours and 55 mins.... Well done you..
keep your chin up, it's good practice for when your looking hot and holding your head high with pride....

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